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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vision: Part 4 - ACT

Finally now, you're feeling pretty good... you've thought about what you want, written it down (at least on a post-it note), and having looked at it for a few days are starting to smile sheepishly to yourself because there's some miniscule part of your mind and heart that is beginning to believe - just a little.

Now what?

Now it's time to put all that together into action.  You have to start somewhere so begin by SPEAKING your Vision -- that's it.  Say it out loud.  Talk about it as though it had already manifested in your reality, as if it's already REAL.  What do I mean?  Let me give you a small example:

One of my many visions for myself is to be an acoustic guitar master like Sheryl Crow, Emily Saliers, or Taylor Swift... while I realize I have years of practice ahead of me, I begin my day with where I am now, keeping in mind where I want to be.  So I say things like:  "I can easily play bar chords, my fingers remember where to go - stretching and aligning on the strings - learning the frets, strings, and positions.  I can strum and pick flawlessly - my right hand memorizes the melodies and patterns."  Then I'll also throw in encouraging things like "Lord, help me!" and finally, I put a timeframe on it like "...in 18 months" rather than falling back on the old "...in this lifetime, please?!"

When friends ask how it's going, I'll say "Difficult but do-able!  I'm learning to master another element each day, moving toward my dream!"

But how about something a little touchier?

What if you are praying and planning for a husband or a wife? a child? or a home?  What would you say?  How would you 'act?'

If it were any of the above, I'd respond the same way:

For me, I pray so I would start my day like this:  "Lord, thank you for my spouse/child today.  Keep him/her safe and healthy, show them something beautiful today that brings them closer to you and to me.  Remind them of me today and that I'm still here, waiting - hoping - believing in our reunion.  Tell them I love them and am doing all I can to prepare for the day when we are together..."

I would go on to ask that any barriers be removed and I'd see those barriers come down in my mind -- whether it was financial (e.g. home) or physical... some hurt to be healed; distance to be closed; or other circumstance to be resolved.  I'd further add that (in case) anything I'd done had hindered this or damaged this vision, that those actions be healed or restored.

And I would speak those words - that prayer - out loud to the world, the universe, and God putting forth that positive energy and Will into motion.  Every Day.  And then during the day whenever the dream/vision would come to my mind, I'd speak it again.

Saying it.
Believing it.
Speaking my truth...

This may be uncomfortable at first - unfamiliar.  We're typically not used to being specific... not used to being that bold.  And certainly - your friends and family will probably think you're nuts (at first)!  BUT there's a funny thing about enthusiasm and faith... it's contagious.

So the ACTION starts here - again with your words - remember, if you can't at least SAY it - how can you possibly live it?

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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