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Monday, January 11, 2010

Being Specific, part 2

Thanks everyone for the feedback and the emails!  We're off to a great start together!

A friend asked me what exactly I meant by "be specific" because my definition and practice may be very different than someone else's...

So, how 'specific' is specific?

I mean down to the smallest detail.  I think of it like being the architect of my own life.  Would I randomly place electrical sockets in my home that I was designing?  Doubtful.  Would I leave it up to chance that there should be a closet in each bedroom?  Probably not.

If I had the freedom and the opportunity to design my own home - I'd outline everything from the 12"x8" doggie door with flap and steel latch to the Mohave marble #12 from Lowe's for my kitchen tile and backsplash to the choice of 100% Aromatic Eastern Redcedar for my closet that would have to minimally be 8'x12'x12' with the clothes racks on the left and the shoe, belt, and handbag racks on the right holding 30 pairs of dress shoes; 30 sets of boots; another 20 sets of outdoor shoes...

...and the list goes on but you get my drift.

Here again, the point is to WRITE IT DOWN.  There's a couple of really great things that happen when you actually do this:
  1. You have to THINK about it to write it.
  2. You can EDIT it!!
And by edit, I mean add to it.  Little by little adding in more and more detail until you have a fully designed, architectural draft that almost anyone can understand just by looking at it.

The cool thing here also is that when your prayers/wants/dreams are finally answered and you really do get exactly what you asked for - there won't be any confusion about where it came from or how.  It can't be random chance or luck when it's THAT detailed.

As for me today - my singularly focused goal is to learn precisely how to play a B chord on my guitar; bringing my fingers (particularly my index and ring fingers) on my left hand into submission so I may seamless transition between C#, B, and E to flawlessly play "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down, acoustic style within the next two weeks...

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