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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vision: Part 2 - WRITE

Well, the title of this blog is "WRITE" your vision... so I think you get this is a given if not a MUST.

But why?  What's the big deal with writing it down?  I mean if you've figured out what you want to do or have some sort of vision, you're good, right?  Uh huh.

You're so completely absolutely utterly focused that NOTHING could ever distract you from your goal.  You never get lost in the detail of your life where days go by without you doing one thing each day to move you closer to your goal...?  You're a rock.  A fortress of solitary vision and discipline.  A mental master, eh grasshopp'r?

Okay, well then I'm the "ye" in the "oh ye of little faith" phrase - sorry!  So roll with me here anyway:

There was this great myth going around that humans only use 10% of their brains - while I'm sure I could make the case given some of the folks I've seen on both reality TV and Jerry Sprenger - conventional wisdom says we use 100 percent.  The human brain has interconnected regions called 'visual cortices' which all receive inputs from our eyes (same rules apply when reading Braille).  These all work together to decipher the inputs (like height or direction, dimensions) precisely to tell us "what we see."

Because our brains work to 'decipher' what we see, it can be fooled.  If you've ever been sitting in a boring lecture or meeting and find yourself rapidly opening and closing one eye at a time to make the water glass on the table move, you know what I mean...  Our brain is unbelievably complex with neurons and synapses firing all the time and this allows us to interpret and to multi-task.  All this activity creates a case study of CHANGE that is ongoing from birth to death with no nap time.

Having a CONSTANT then like something written offers us a consistent input.  One that can be repeated.  One that doesn't change.

Our minds need to be reminded...

This is why we make lists, have notes, send emails - you name it.  Things that are written tend to stick with us more... why?  We can go back and reread them.  Written things are constant.  By having your dream or your vision written down, you offer yourself the opportunity to remind your mind of its worth. 

Write Your Vision!

   THINK.        WRITE.        BELIEVE.        ACT.

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