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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Writing MY Vision

IThis week I launched my own business finally!  It's something I didn't realize I wanted so much until I started seriously looking into it.

Have you ever experienced those moments where you feel as though God has opened the universe just for you?  The 'flow' is easy and doors are opening... Yep! That's how my week has gone.  Everyone and everything I needed to be successful.

When times like this happen, SAVOR THEM & be grateful.  

Getting here has been a little like being a pinball, bouncing off walls (closed doors), flippers knocking me back into the game (like a headslap from a friend), and flashing lights and bells that both distract and guide...you get the idea.  Thing is, it's been quite a ride!  How cool is it that all those things came together to precisely put me on this path?  I'm just grateful I was slowed down enough to pay attention. (Yes thanks for the changes - all of them)!

How often are we SO busy that we careen through life without paying attention to the flashing lights and bells around us?  There really is something to hitting the pause button long enough to look up and look around.  If you don't do it on your own, I can assure you God will do it for you one way or another.

Rather than be afraid of change, whatever it is, choose to see the opportunities.  There's no telling where your road will take you if you're OPEN.  

Look up.
Ask what's up (frequently).
Dare to be Open.

You'll be so glad you did!

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