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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anybody Got a Story?

I thought I'd start this out with a Question today:  Does anybody have a story to tell where you wrote something down that you wanted or needed or prayed to get and then GOT?

I'm curious if I'm the only one?

I've had friends tell me they have and it worked!  So it got me thinking...

Please post a comment if you've ever written something down and then received or experienced what you requested or wrote.

Inquiring Minds Wanna Know!?


Saturday, September 18, 2010

What have you written?

Things have been so chaotic lately... This week I will have moved four times in four months.  I've changed states, changed jobs, homes.  It's all good but seriously out of control, crazy!

Different times throughout the process I've felt excited, angry, thrilled, frustrated, scared, lost, found, whole, empty, and just about every other emotion.  That's what you feel when you're in the midst of incredible change - incredible growth.  It's a ride like the Amazing Race through your own life.

I found myself drawn to familiar things:  I've watched MAD MEN (great show by the way) because it reminded me of how I grew up.  I remembered those homes, that wallpaper, paneling, old appliances, clothes...  I watched BAND OF BROTHERS about WWII because I love history, and because I love the camaraderie...  I'm even more attached to my car - I love just sitting in it.  I like just seeing my guitar in it's stand.  Couldn't WAIT for college football to start!!!


What's important?  

When you don't have familiar things, what do you hold onto?  What do you VALUE?  You'll find out quickly when you have none of what you know...  what brings you COMFORT?

I go back to what I'd written before.

Why am I here?? I'm here because I ASKED for this - I wanted something different.  I wanted a change.  When I think of it that way, I can't help but laugh!  I asked for this..............  God really DOES have a sense of humor.

When things get crazy in your life - even in the day-to-day activities you do - if you find yourself asking "How did I get here?"  or "Why is this happening?" or even "Wow, I'm so grateful..." THINK about the things you've SPOKEN:  either in prayer, in the midst of frustration.  THINK about the things you've WRITTEN:  lists you've made, notes you've jotted down about what you want!

If you keep track... If you go back and look... you'll find the VERY things you wrote or spoke may actually BE coming true!


You may be surprised to find that you're right in the middle of your own dream!

  THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget...

At 10:48 am this morning, I stopped.  I lowered my head and couldn't help but cry.  The emotion is still there... It's September 11th.

New York City - The World Trade Center's Twin Towers
Washington DC - The Pentagon
Shanksville, PA - A field...

2,977 heroes lost
Thousands injured

A nation broken-hearted at the cruelty, the depth of evil...

As an American, as a Christian, as a citizen of the world, as a human being - I will always mourn this day.  Yet, I also feel unbelievably proud of the first responders, those who rushed TO the danger... all those who gave their lives to save others.  For the incredible men and women of Flight 93, I cried the hardest for you - so proud.  I remember, through tears, raising my fist in the air and saying "YES!" because YOU stopped them.  You gave your lives to STOP them... YOU won.
Thank you for that...

It is 'evil' we must hate.  It is 'evil' we must fight against, resist, and refuse to accept.  Sometimes evil does come in the embodiment of other human beings, but that should be as heart-breaking as anything because those souls are so so lost.  They are deceived.  Evil can be subtle in its brainwashing cascade.  The words and commands that run through a mind and twist the truth.  We are all susceptible to its lies... it's goal is to incite.  It's goal is to create chaos.  It's goal is to facilitate hatred.


Get angry at the evil... and vow to NEVER allow IT to win.


Sites to record your stories:  
   Remembering 9/11, National Archives
   I Remember 

Monday, September 6, 2010

To Change or Re-live?

A friend of mine posted an interesting question on FB today.  She asked:
 "If you could go back in time only once, 
would you choose to re-live something or to change something?"

It really is a profound question that speaks to heart of who we are and how we choose to live.

Do you live with regret?

In my 20s, my motto was "No apologies.  No regrets."  Somehow as the years went on - I lost that focus, although on the whole I have been incredibly blessed... and I have come to realize that the mistakes I made truly were the things that opened my eyes to my own shortcomings and pride.  The mistakes were actually the events that taught me the most and shaped who I am today as much as anything.  Those mistakes showed me the value of love and loyalty, honesty and trust, and true faith.

So when looking at my life in its totality, I would not go back and change most events or choices - even though many were painful.

I lost the first person I truly loved to fear.
I lost the person I admired most to cancer.
... and I lost myself for a time as well.


As I thought deeper about the question - would I choose to go back and change something or relive something - I came to some conclusions:
  • My memories are so incredibly strong, I can go back and relive beautiful moments in mind whenever I want.
So while it would be unbelievable to be back in the arms of the person who taught me to love or thrilling to relive certain moments, they would just as quickly become memories again and be gone.

With that reality in mind then, I chose to change something...
  • There are two fundamental decisions I made in ignorance that dramatically changed the course of my life - either of which I would absolutely go back and change.
Despite that fact, I still recognize those two events forced me to my knees.  Those two events introduced me to my character, my will, my unshakable faith, and my absolute belief in destiny and love.  Both times I was given the gift of seeing another person's reality as they saw it.  Seeing the impact of my choices or more aptly the impact my fear had - when I refused to chose or ACT because of fear.

Two decisions broke me as an individual and from that shattered heart each time came a newly formed, more formidable person - 10 times stronger than what I was before.

In fact, the very soul of my own Vision for my future is directly tied to reclaiming what I lost and teaching others about what I learned.

I've rewritten the ending to my own story and am awaiting the manifestation of that blessing.
I now live each day EXPECTING...
I live each day fully AWARE...
I live each day BELIEVING that my dreams - my vision - will come true.
...and because of that Faith, I make choices each day to BE the person I want to BE.

I do this because I am SPEAKING my own Truth and ACTING on my beliefs.

...because I refuse to BE anything less than what I am meant to be and I refuse to allow fear to steal one more moment from me.  I am determined.

If you don't have any regrets in your life, then God bless you!  Keep that sense of self and focus!  For anyone else who does have regrets - no matter what it may be - this is your chance to CHANGE! 

Choose to Redirect.

Refocus that regret into something positive!  Redirect those emotions, those lessons learned into your Vision for your future.  Apply what you know... and Expect your future to be better than your past!

WRITE what you want... not what you don't want!
SPEAK what you've written so you can hear your own words and BELIEVE in them!
ACT on what you expect not on what you fear!

Your Vision is worth your Faith.  Your life is worth living without regret.  No one can go back in time,  so make choices each day that move you forward toward your dream and each present moment is precious.
       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.