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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Horse Named Butch

Since my last post, there's been a LOT going on... seems like a roller coaster of emotions, would-be signs, and new or renewed decisions.  A veritable lifetime in only a few short days.

My question today is "What scares you the most?"  What's the ONE thing that you simply cannot bear to consider, to hear, or even allow the fleeting thought to zip past you mind because even the hint of it brings you to your knees?  Do you have that thought or concept now?

Okay, so what if the thing you feared most introduced itself to you?  What would you do?  How would you react?  Need some hints?
  • Loss of your job
  • Death of a spouse
  • Your love leaving you
  • A sick child
Loss or Potential Loss.  Loss of some kind in some form that causes heartbreak - causes the tightening in your chest or throat - and then the tears flow.  Sobbing. At times even the POTENTIAL of such a loss can stop us cold.  The potential can become so overwhelming, it can consume you for a minute, an hour, a day, week or longer...

The possibility of losing what you love most can change your world in an instant.  Suddenly that project for work isn't so important nor is cleaning the porch or any number of the other chores or momentary TO-DOs.  In those moments, nothing else matters.

When faced with that pain - that heartbreak - you re-prioritize.  Your body can only absorb so much before it shuts down, nightmares can plague your sleep; but the thing about that type of pain is that it doesn't actually kill you.  It just makes you wish it would.

Ever experience that?  Ever come close?  if yes, then you KNOW... if not, consider yourself blessed and cherish each moment.

Thing is that in those moments or during those times we question.  You may question yourself, question God, the universe, dreams, faith, all the POSITIVE things in life that you BELIEVEWhy? Because we all try to make sense from the circumstances confronting us that make no sense.  In our effort to understand and cope, we question... we wonder.  Those foundational belief questions may last a few seconds or longer.

For me, when faced with that level of fear despite my faith, I still question.  I still may wonder... but then I rebalance.  It doesn't lessen the pain per se but it is how my mind works to protect my heart.  But even then, when the questions start, I redirect those questions based on what I believe either intentionally or subconsciously.  And then, somehow God answers... always.

In this case, I met an amazing Pima Indian woman who spoke to me.  When I least expected grace, I received a message.  A confirmation.  Kindness.  A direct response.  An answer that spoke to my soul and released the wellspring of sorrow that I'd been unconsciously working to control.  The truth made me free... reminding me of MY DREAMS.  It was one of the most humbling moments of my life.  I still have not fully processed it all.

This incredibly was followed by a day of affirmations where people I either didn't know or barely knew spoke positive things to me from telling me how talented I was, how beautiful I was, that I was where I needed to be, doing what I was meant to be doing, and much more.  I was reunited with an old friend and met several new ones who made me laugh and coincidentally reminded me of ME... who I am, what I love, what I believe.  I felt my soul coming back.

And finally - if all that wasn't enough the next day was a day of FUN!  A day to RELEASE all the tension, to release the mental gymnastics, to truly BE IN THE MOMENT! 

It was a day where I was reminded that life was meant to be LIVED!  

I had an opportunity to almost be a kid again!  I was surrounded by the surreal beauty of the Arizona desert with cacti and red rocks and the sounds of water: images so breath-taking in their diversity, contradictions, and color that the spirituality of the place was heightened.  In the midst of this natural spectacle I had decided to go horseback riding as part of a group activity.  It felt right.  I had been looking forward to this from the beginning when I learned I'd be in this place.  It was nearly time.  I was so excited...

As our group gathered and our guide talked, I saw one of the most beautiful horses.  He was a Mustang - brown and white - gorgeous.  Proud.  He was the first to choose a rider.  Again by grace this majestic horse with more than a little attitude would be the one who chose me.  His name was Butch.  Sitting atop this incredible animal as we trotted through the desert was so joyful, so exhilarating, so humbling, and so spiritual that I got lost in the moment by moments taking it all in - from seeing a desert owl digging to jack rabbits and the amazing landscape.  More than anything I was PRESENT... and I was HAPPY.  Truly, deeply, overwhelmingly happy...

Butch knew what I needed: he challenged me, had to be in the lead but not too far ahead of his pack, and preferred to be off the 'trail' making his own way.  HE WAS PERFECT for me!  While riding him, I found me again.

And I laughed out loud.

In 48 hours, God had taken me through and brought me back to myself.  I felt FREE.  The spirits of the Pima tribe, the animals, the water, the rocks, and their horses warmed my heart and healed me.  They were all a gift and guides.

A reminder that the greatest, most powerful thing in the universe is not fear but LOVE.

That realization gave me an incredible joy and freedom to DREAM again!  To BELIEVE again and to know that I know that I know how truly blessed I am.

I was faced with one of my greatest fears and was blessed with a horse named Butch.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

What We Take For Granted

It's so easy at times to get so caught up in what's missing - what we don't have - that we lose sight of the special miracles and wondrous blessings right in front of us.

While constantly learning and growing is one of the fundamentals I believe in - as is the quest for our dreams - I also recently rediscovered the power of the present.  

When was the last time you actually LOOKED at your spouse or life partner and SAW them? saw their heart? saw their dreams? saw their inner child at work or struggling to deal? saw the stress in their face or posture?

Today, did you smile at your life's love and let him/her SEE you?  -- let them see the love in your eyes or the adoration of your heart for them?

We all try to do our best but it's easy to get lost in the clutter of the routines.  That's how marriages get off track or our kids get into trouble... it's when we lose the intimacy that we lose ourselves - and can inevitably get disconnected from those we love most.

I believe the key here is to not only focus on YOUR dreams but also on the dreams of your spouse or partner as individuals AND as a couple (if you are a couple).  Your family is the greatest gift of all and they are living in the present WITH you.  So while it's important to recognize and pursue your vision yourself, it's also equally important to SHARE your Vision!

And at times, even take a step back and realize that you may already have your heart's truest dream - a lifelong love: whether that's your partner, your children, or your work.

So my challenge to us all today is to take a moment to truly LOOK at the person(s) you love and demonstrate the depth of love and joy by just acknowledging how amazing they are and how they contribute to your dream every single day!

Make the time.

Cook if you never do.  Come home early and kiss your wife's neck as you put your arms around her.  Rub his shoulders.  Hold that hug for an extra 5 seconds.  Sit on the floor with your kids.  Rub the tension from her neck.  Turn the TV off.  Hold hands.

In the relentless pursuit, what we take for granted could be the most treasured things in our lives... so take a moment to refocus.  You'll be so happy you did.   ;)

IF this is a good reminder for you - I'd love to hear what little thing you did to show the ones you love what they mean to you.  Send me a message or comment!

     THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Steps 5, 6 ,7. Write, Speak, Act.

(sorry it's been a little while since I posted... thought I'd catch everything up at once! :)

Now, last time we talked, I introduced the concept of "marinating" for our fourth step.  THINKING.  The purpose of this was not to allow doubt to creep in and steal your word or phrase that you were newly given but to allow you to sit with your new possibility.  Should doubt or other questioning/negative thoughts begin their assault, recognize them for the thieves they are and reject them as you would any robber coming to your door.  I believe if that happened, you'd do a little more than 'just saying no!' so apply the same principles here.

Step 5 is my favorite.

Step 5.  WRITE down your word or phrase or VISION!!!!

Yes!  You guessed it.  By writing down your new word or idea, you are giving that new thought "presence."  You are introducing it as a reality.  You are allowing it to actually BE! 

My suggestion is that you write it into a journal or prayer diary but ALSO write it on something like a sticky note and then place that on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer at work, your visor in your car, your school locker, or better yet - your T.V.!  --  LOL --  Put it where you will see it OFTEN!


Because Step 6 is to SPEAK your Truth!  

Speak your new word or idea or vision!  Look at what you've written and now read it OUT LOUD!  Speak it!  Let yourself hear you say the words.  And when you say them, don't speak it in a future or past tense.  Speak it NOW.  Call that thing that is not as if it were...  By speaking this out loud and hearing it and SEEING it (because you've written it down), you are creating a sensory reaction that will help you BELIEVE that what you've written, what you are speaking CAN actually become reality.

So you've written it, are speaking it... just starting to believe it - NOW WHAT?

Step 7 is to ACT!

huh?  Act how?  Say what?

The final step in your Vision process is to take what you've learned and now APPLY it.  To act on it!  How?  However...

If your vision was to have a different job and spend more time at home.  Put your resume together and start networking or start your own business.  Go see about a small business loan!  In the meantime, start leaving work at 5 instead of 6:00... try working from home one day if you can... or get home early and make a family dinner one night.

If your vision is for a reconciliation with family, take the step to reach out and start the conversation.  Deliver forgiveness and you'll often receive it...

Whatever your vision is, it probably involves CHANGE Change of something for something else.  Don't be afraid of what you want!  Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid!  Don't be afraid...  Changing how you think and speak will allow you to believe - have faith - that your heart's dream CAN come true.  When you believe, you act differently.

Choose your Vision! and watch what God and the universe does in response!