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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What We Take For Granted

It's so easy at times to get so caught up in what's missing - what we don't have - that we lose sight of the special miracles and wondrous blessings right in front of us.

While constantly learning and growing is one of the fundamentals I believe in - as is the quest for our dreams - I also recently rediscovered the power of the present.  

When was the last time you actually LOOKED at your spouse or life partner and SAW them? saw their heart? saw their dreams? saw their inner child at work or struggling to deal? saw the stress in their face or posture?

Today, did you smile at your life's love and let him/her SEE you?  -- let them see the love in your eyes or the adoration of your heart for them?

We all try to do our best but it's easy to get lost in the clutter of the routines.  That's how marriages get off track or our kids get into trouble... it's when we lose the intimacy that we lose ourselves - and can inevitably get disconnected from those we love most.

I believe the key here is to not only focus on YOUR dreams but also on the dreams of your spouse or partner as individuals AND as a couple (if you are a couple).  Your family is the greatest gift of all and they are living in the present WITH you.  So while it's important to recognize and pursue your vision yourself, it's also equally important to SHARE your Vision!

And at times, even take a step back and realize that you may already have your heart's truest dream - a lifelong love: whether that's your partner, your children, or your work.

So my challenge to us all today is to take a moment to truly LOOK at the person(s) you love and demonstrate the depth of love and joy by just acknowledging how amazing they are and how they contribute to your dream every single day!

Make the time.

Cook if you never do.  Come home early and kiss your wife's neck as you put your arms around her.  Rub his shoulders.  Hold that hug for an extra 5 seconds.  Sit on the floor with your kids.  Rub the tension from her neck.  Turn the TV off.  Hold hands.

In the relentless pursuit, what we take for granted could be the most treasured things in our lives... so take a moment to refocus.  You'll be so happy you did.   ;)

IF this is a good reminder for you - I'd love to hear what little thing you did to show the ones you love what they mean to you.  Send me a message or comment!

     THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT.

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