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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Setbacks, part 2

What's the difference between setbacks and a different, better path?  And how do you know the difference?

These were good questions!

For each person, it's unique and for each person it's a choice... or more likely a series of choices.  There's a funny little thing known affectionately as "Free Will" that can wreak absolute havoc with a dream / vision and ultimately your destiny.  Sometimes, we're ignorant of the impact of our choices and I've come to believe that in and for those moments we are given a second and sometimes even a third or fourth chance.

When setbacks happen - and these can be anything from ongoing disappointments or difficult circumstances to real barriers - you have the option to choose.  Your Will can actually determine if not influence that choice. 

But this is AGAIN, why it is so very important to WRITE YOUR VISION... so in those moments when setbacks do happen - you don't end up questioning your dream.  You can question the circumstances; question what you're meant to learn from the difficulty you're facing; question the fairness, etc... but if you've gone through the process and Thought about it, taken the time to Write it and Believe in it's reality for you -- then setbacks become nothing more than bumps in the road that you overcome.  They won't derail you.

If you are unsure about your vision or goal or dream, then and only then should those setbacks or obstacles be looked at as something else.  In those circumstances, then there might be more to the story...

But again, the setback is a learning experience.  It's something to be embraced as an opportunity even when it's painful or breaks your heart... because sometimes when we're broken, something unexpected and maybe even more beautiful can be born.

The key here is to have spent the time THINKING then WRITING first to get down to what's at the heart of the vision for you.  When you've done that --- and yes, it takes work --- then your heart will tell you whether or not the setbacks you are facing are an obstacle to be overcome OR a course correction.

As I've mentioned before - your vision or dream is the one thing you just can't escape.  No matter how many times you try to walk/run away from it; or in this case, no matter how many setbacks you may face - you keep coming back to it or it won't let you go.  It remains - even if it's just tickling the back of your mind.

That's when you just KNOW.  Deep down, when you get real with yourself - you know where you belong / with whom you belong / or simply what you are meant to do or be.

So take the time.  Allow yourself to ThinkWrite your vision... and allow that to infuse and encourage your soul to Believe.  Then, Act accordingly -- course correction or challenge -- either way, you'll be better for it all and one step closer to getting your dreams! 
Be courageous!

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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