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Saturday, February 27, 2010

If Today Was Your Last Day...

There's poems, country songs, rock songs, ballads, stories, mini-series, and simply personal testimonials echoing how we need to live for today... for NOW... to live like we were dying.  For anyone who has been through a health issue, car crash, accident or other traumatic event either personally or with someone you love -- the words of those stories and country songs mean something to you.

You can relate.

You remember the prayer just before the collision or how you sat at your loved one's bedside and begged for a miracle -- promising to go to church every Sunday, give 10% of your income to charity, and to never ever text and drive or tailgate again... no matter what.

But in time, we forget.  The MIRACLE that we were given becomes part of our past, our history... and the depth of emotion we felt, the humbling - bring you to your knees - experience sometimes becomes simple dinner conversation and a "remember when..." told more for entertainment than for the lesson learned.

How about a not-so-serious one??  Remember the last time you had too much to drink and you spent the night like a teenager on the bathroom floor with the Tidy-Bowl Man?... and here again, you SWORE on your life:   IF ONLY YOU COULD BE SPARED, YOU WOULD... (fill in the blanks).  You get the idea, right?  ;)

So how about that?

Why do we need that kind of Reality Check to change our lives?  to be better people?  to give to our local food or homeless shelter?  to tell our parents or kids how amazing they?  or to tell that ONE person you love, she's your Lobster (Remember ROSS & RACHEL? click the link...)

Today as you think about your tomorrow and dream about your vision for the future, take one risk to Live Now!  to LIVE like today was your last day -- 

What would you DO?  Whose eyes would you want to be staring into in those last moments?  Whose hand would you want to hold?  What would you want to be doing?

How would you spend today, if it was your last day?

Now... Do It!

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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Anonymous said...

Great reminder!