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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Faith in Action

Watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony last night reminded me of why I love the Olympics and most sports in general... those athletes represent a Vision.  A dream.

They devote themselves to the attainment of their goal. 
They work tirelessly toward what they believe is their destiny.

As children, most of them just knew what they loved.

What do you LOVE?
What do you have a passion to do?

The Olympics are the Ideal.  Watching the competition:  We cheer.  We cry.  We marvel at the skill, the passion.  We pray they all just do their best... and may the BEST win.

They become our heroes.

How can you become the hero of your life?

Think about what you want.
Write down that dream.
Believe in your vision.
...your Faith in Action will unleash the power of God and the universe to support your goal.  But it begins with You.

       THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT.

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