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Monday, March 1, 2010

Power of Perspective

Have you heard the phrase 'perspective is reality?' or other references to each person's point of view being Truth for them?

One of my favorite movies - Something's Gotta Give - has one of the VERY best lines ever in it:  Harry says, "I never lied to you.  I have always told you some version of the Truth..." and Erika interjects as she shakes her head saying "The TRUTH doesn't have versions!"

Now how true is that?

We laugh.  We nod.  and yet - if we're honest, we all have Harry-moments when all we know is the Truth according to Us.  No matter how unbiased and fair we think we are - no one is immune because no one is that perfectly clear-headed all the time.  Well, except for God, right?

This has advantages and disadvantages.

On the advantage side - it sometimes gives us unerring focus on what we believe to be 'right.'  On the disadvantage side - it sometimes gives us unerring focus on what we believe to be 'right.'

I personally believe in the power of words - written and spoken.  I believe in speaking  positives and refusing to allow negatives spoken to or over me to go unchallenged.  So when faced with life's hardships or heartbreaks, I rely on what I believe... on what I know... on my faith - which by its very definition implies the need to suspend what I think I know or see in favor of something else, something more.

So does the Truth really have versions? or perhaps that singular notion of the Truth only applies to events?  Hmmm, well it gets cloudy again because each person will experience an event or circumstance differently, right?  In my search for a black and white answer, I kept coming up with more gray... then I laughed at myself.  The Socratic Method never really worked for me, it always created more questions than answers as does Plato's Cave Allegory that implies none of us have the capacity to truly see or understand the Truth - Reality.

Yes, from college till now, the circular logic still makes my head hurt.  We can debate this as most have done for centuries... But does it matter?

For me, at the end of the day, I realize that keeping it simple is the key to peace... so here's some advice - just remember that whatever you are facing in this moment is temporary.  The Truth may not have versions; it may just simply be that it IS what it is.  But there's Power in Perspective because it's the one thing you really can change!

When we do, we often find we are one step closer to our dreams...

     THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT.

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