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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mind Control

What stresses you out?
What makes you worry?
What makes you afraid?

Have you ever been tormented by negative thoughts?  Most of us have at one time or another.   And generally we experience this phenomenon when we're thinking about something that matters to us.

Hmm.  Wonder what that might be?  A dream, maybe?
A hope.

A vision, desire.
Or perhaps something or someone you love?

Imagine for a moment.  Think about the one thing that matters most to you.  Think about your dream.   Once you do this - can you picture it?  Can you SEE what you want?  Can you focus long enough to fill in the details of that vision?  If yes - NICE JOB!!!  If not - why not?

What happened?  Any thoughts like:
  • "That can't happen."
  • "Just let it go.  She/he doesn't want you."
  • "Move on.  There's no way."
  • "Why think about what you can't have?"
  • "You don't have time for this."
  • "You don't deserve ___________"
  • "You can't afford _____________"
Or any number of similar, equally depressing thoughts.  Now, why on earth would such incredibly positive, hopeful thoughts about your dream be immediately followed by fear, doubt, disbelief?

There are any number of theories as to WHY but so what?  The REAL question is what do you do about it????

I think of this like the Rocky III movie / fights against Clubber Lang!  In the first part of the movie, Rocky has what he wants but the worst thing that could happen to a boxer happens.  He loses his confidence.  Then just like life sometimes, Rocky gets kicked while he's down.  Mick, his manager dies before the big fight.  He goes in - distracted, afraid, full of doubt - and gets his clock cleaned by a VERY focused albeit mean challenger.  (Sound familiar?)

Enter Apollo.  Former champ, former foe.  (Yes, God has a sense of humor:  Our support can often come from the most UNEXPECTED places)... He starts to work with Rocky.  To TRAIN him.  To get him back into shape and ready for the rematch.  BUT, Rocky is battling his own mind... and it comes down to FEAR!  He admits to Adrian:  "I'm afraid all right?  You wanna break me down?!  I'm afraid!"

He has to overcome his own MIND.  His own fears.  He has to FIGHT himself and defeat those thoughts first before he can enter the ring.  As Adrian forces him to confront the TRUTH rather than all the EXCUSES -- ("I don't want this no more."  "I don't want to lose what I got.") -- he is able to OVERCOME those negative thoughts.

It was those thoughts - those doubts, fears - that were keeping him from his dream.  Once he faced that, he was able to slowly overcome it.  His attitude changed.  He focuses.  Then he faces the physical representation of his fear:  Clubber.  And ultimately - he wins!

What is the thing you are afraid will prevent you from obtaining your dream?  Say it.  Own it.  Now, what's the physical representation of your fear?  Recognize it.  Face it. Stare it down and when it says "you're going down!" or "I predict pain" -- look it right in the eye and say "GO FOR IT!"

YOU can overcome it.  REFUSE to accept those negative thoughts.  When they pop into your mind - reject them.  Imagine Rocky's face as he stands toe to toe with Clubber before that final fight... and remember to get MAD and say to those negative thoughts:  "COME ON!  HIT ME AGAIN!  YOU AIN'T SO BAD!  YOU AIN'T NOTHIN!"

You have the Power!  Take control of your thoughts!  Fight back!
Your dream is worth it.
You are worth it... and you deserve to WIN!

       THINK.        WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this-- it was very inspirational and I enjoyed the links to the Rocky movies. Having a visual for what you were writing about was a great help!