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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Word Choice

Don't you get tired of all the endless speculation about everything?  It would seem as a society we've given credence to every opinion possible and depending on the day, points of view change with the prevailing wind.

Not sure about you but I crave some stability - some consistencyWhatever happened to universal truths?  What happened to civility in debate?

I remember how we used to sit on my grandparents porch, particularly in the summer and just talk... how neighbors would see us out there and come by for a chat and some tea.  And we would TALK about everything! and at times, even argue... but then the parties would wave good night and walk home.  "See ya tomorrow, Frank.  Night Millie..." neighbors would say to my Pap and Gram... even when they told one another in no uncertain terms they were each full of sh*t or simply dead wrong.  ~LOL~

Somehow there was an honesty and an honor among neighbors... same thing with family and the dinner table.  We could just talk and often, laugh.

Today though, that seems to have disappeared.  We've forgotten how to "talk" AND "be neighborly" at the same time as if it's an oxymoron of sorts like walking and chewing gum.

I miss that.

Now, there's never any backing down or agreeing to disagree.  It's all out war with no regard for anything less than absolute victory... and the truth, civility, and a willingness to consider alternatives are all casualties of our word war.

And that makes me sad.

Words are powerful.  I fully believe that.  I believe they are tools that can be used to build or destroy and everything in between.  For me, that premise alone is a universal truth.  And because of that belief, I watch what I say.  I always want to be deliberate in what I convey and not reactionary.  Now that is not to say I can't be spontaneous or enjoy a good discussion.  No.  It means I try, generally, to simply be thoughtful in what I speak.

It's also why I write.  I believe in writing things down as you know.  :) 

Writing can often help frame or clarify thoughts.  It can provide stability because it allows the author to come back and re-read or edit as needed... because it's THERE.  You don't have to try and remember what you thought or said, it's tangible.

I like tangible.  Concrete.  Consistent. 

I was raised Catholic.  Growing up, the incredible monotony of the traditions and prayers like the Nicene Creed or The Lord's Prayer drove me crazy.  I could repeat those words asleep.  Now that I'm older - despite having studied numerous religions, attended countless non-Catholic worship or other services, etc. - I APPRECIATE the words... the faith... the focus and the tradition.

The words matter.

Words form those universal truths.  Words - whether written, spoken, or thought - shape who you are and what you do... what you believe.  And what you don't.

Think about your words. 

Do you know what you say?  Do you mean what you think?  Consider what your words convey about you... your family... your choices... your dreams.

Who do you say you are?

Take a moment to simply put your thoughts or the things you say on paper.  One or two phrases you say or think frequently.  Now look at those words.  Are those words representative of who you are and what you want? what you actually believe in your heart of hearts?

If yes, whoooo hoo!!!!  You're speaking your Truth and hopefully your Vision for yourself.

If not, choose differently.  And start saying what you mean to say...

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