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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breathe. Release.

I wonder sometimes what it takes to "get over" something.  I write about VISION - your Dream.  But sometimes, we all just get stuck.

Every one I know seems to have the one or two things that hold us. 

For some it could be eating - snacking late at night, improper diet overall combined with lack of movement = weight gain.

For others it could be a lack of focus - you like so many things or are good at so many things, you do nothing.  Stay in the same job, hobby, bad relationship, etc.

Still for others, it could be any number of negative behaviors from being a shopaholic to a workaholic and everything in between.

In every case though, we are doing something or allowing something to keep us somewhere we do NOT want to be.  It may just be habit.  It may be fear (my perennial favorite).  It may be a lack of tools to effectively handle the ineffective coping mechanism we've created...  ;)

Regardless though, we all have SOMEthing.  So what to do?  How do you get UN-STUCK?

Well, here's what I've recently started to learn:

Sometimes, you need a coach and a support group:  people who truly SUPPORT your goal, your vision.

I recently joined Austin Adventure Boot Camp (highly recommend it, by the way) and also requested some personal training.  I wrote my vision for myself here since my move and part of that was to learn how to put myself first.  To find time to exercise, eat better, and generally be good to ME.  And man-oh-man has THAT been HARD!

It feels selfish.  It feels awkward.  It's hard to FIND THE TIME!  Those old excuses had worked for me for years.  Somehow though, when I put this latest hope / vision down on paper - lo and behold - God started bringing FANTASTIC people into my life.

First I was given the greatest trainer (Erinn) that I've ever had - literally in 20 years!  She's got the best attitude.  She's sort of like Jillian meets Kelly Ripa.  She gets down to brass tax but most importantly, she listens and she teaches.  She's challenging, encouraging, and willing to work WITH me...

I've also been given incredible people to work with at my job.  One-by-one different individuals have come forward to buy me coffee or a healthy lunch... teach me yoga exercises in my office... or bring me a home-cooked meal.  All making the effort to HELP me.  To support ME.

And of course, you can't really do ANYthing without support at home too -- from your family (spouse, parents, kids, dogs... etc).

Talk about humbling...

The cool thing here is that I'm not STUCK anymore I'm LIVING.  I'm moving.  And with all this activity comes the reality that when you get UN-Stuck, you often uncork some bottled up emotions. 

And THAT's OKAY...

It's the "breathe...and release..." part that we all have to do.  It requires action.  It is a physical act.  With that physical task of filling your lungs up with oxygen and then exhaling fully in repetition, something happens. 

It is the ACT of letting go:  RELEASE

What do you need to release today?  
Is there something holding you back from your vision for yourself?

Consider what exactly will get you moving in the direction of your dream.  Think on it.  Write it down.  Believe you CAN accomplish what you want - and if you can't believe for yourself, find others who will believe for you until you can!  And finally... ACT accordingly.

You'll be amazed at the result and how God will LITERALLY bring people into your life in support of your vision when you choose the path you are meant to walk.  ;)

And when you're ready, you'll experience that real release!  Importantly though, remember too that the lesson for me here was also that I needed to realize to get to the "release," I first had to BREATHE.

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Anonymous said...

Just yesterday, I was having a pity party, feeling resentful about someone else's promotion...but at the same time realizing that I didn't want THEIR job, so why hold it against them? I think the resentment comes from wanting to move forward in my life, but feeling stuck. Your post could not have come at a better time for me! Thanks for the inspiration.