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Monday, November 29, 2010


Have you ever watched SMALLVILLE? or read a Superman comic?  I love the whole 'Man of Steel' theme and how he's only got two vulnerabilitiesKryptonite and Lois.

Every hero has at least one flaw.

In every episode, our character is tested... and at times fails.  S/he fails and makes mistakes.  Yep - that's right.  Mistakes.

As a self-acknowledged perfectionist, even the word 'mistake' makes my jaw tighten.  I hate the notion that we learn the most through the mistakes we make... and all the lessons and teachable moments that can sometimes only come from the opposite end of success.  (See the visible shake of my head and shoulders as I type this...?)

Despite knowing this reality, it is STILL hard.  And why is that?

I believe it's because of the weight of expectation... not necessarily expectation itself and I believe it's because of certain inherent limitations designed into the life process.


Our own kryptonite...

I think every journey toward your Vision or dream is exactly that - a journey.  It's as much about the process as it is about the goal... and for that reason, we will all be plagued with certain limitations along the way.  WHY?  For the previously mentioned, incredibly annoying clich√©s listed above.

To learn.
To make mistakes.
and to learn from them...

Relatively simple concepts - but incredibly powerful truths.  

For me, somehow knowing that the mistakes I've made and will no doubt make in the future (despite best efforts to the contrary) help ease the jaw tension.

Now as to the expectations part -- I think we all have to EXPECT the best.  EXPECT our vision to be fulfilled.  But that is entirely different than being weighed down by expectations.  It's the fine line between positive and negative.  A nuance - yes - but a distinction nonetheless.

When your own expectations become a weight verses a help or something to drive you, then question them.  Question the thoughts and the voice and tone... Write down the thing(s) that are weighing on you and decide if they are real and true or simply fear.  Test it.  Sift the thoughts and the words to find the truth.  And then apply what you learn.

We all have limitations.  We all make mistakes.  I think the key to obtaining your dream is to recognize both and in time LEARN how to balance our expectations.


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Unknown said...

I love this pharse, ..."the opposite end of success"... just priceless