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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why we struggle...

The more people I talk with the more I hear different versions of virtually the same story.  So many right now feel overwhelmed, underpaid, lost, alone, tired, unhappy, angry, depressed... the list goes on and on.  And all those things are negatives.

What's going on?

Why - given that we live in the wealthiest nation on earth, the home of democracy, free enterprise, freedom of religion, the Bill of Rights, (again the list goes on and on) - WHY so negative?

Where is our joy?
...and maybe more importantly, WHY are we so afraid?

I've heard all sorts of explanations and justifications.  But it all still comes down to FEAR:  Afraid of losing my job; afraid of not finding another job; afraid of losing my home, my family; afraid of being a bad parent; afraid of never being a parent; afraid of letting people down; afraid of failing; afraid of moving... Afraid.  Afraid.  Afraid.


We give FEAR so much power.  We let it steal our time, steal our joy.  We allow it to infuse us with worry and regret, sprinkle our thoughts with insecurity and doubt...

UNTIL we either erupt into a rage against our circumstances or dissolve into a puddle of non-functioning tears on our bathroom floor.  We turn to alcohol, prescription drugs, food - you name it; all in an attempt to dull the pain from the negativity rather than DEAL with it.

The thing is, the onslaught of emotions and flood of negative thoughts that run through our minds are not coming FROM us (from you).  NO, those words are all coming from FearYOU are a powerful person, divinely created with every hair on your head numbered.  You ARE so much more than the negative thoughts say that you are... In fact, it is Fear's JOB to keep you down.  To bombard your mind - every waking and sleeping thought - with negatives to beat your will into submission through relentless exhaustion.

To force you to believe the lies of those negative brainwashing thoughts about yourself:  "You can't do that!" "You won't win, why bother trying?" "They are all against you." "You really are a failure - even your kids see it."  "S/he doesn't love you anymore - how could s/he love what you are now!" "Nobody understands..."

We see inequity everywhere.  Feel the injustices deep within our soul.  The hurt grows more and more each day...   Sound familiar?

The problem is that we have all seemingly forgotten this one simple truth:  The greatest battlefield is in our mind.

It is not the world around us or the other people in that world; no, the battle is within us.

The reason why we struggle is that we are all meant for something.  We are meant to fulfill some purpose - a Vision - and Fear is standing diametrically opposed to our success.  It prays on our hurts and escalates the circumstances around us to make us feel disrespected, misunderstood, and totally - wholly - completely ALONE.

The key then is to first RECOGNIZE what is happening and recognize the difference between your heart's voice and the voice of fear.  Yoda probably said it best when he was telling Luke to 'calm yourself, control your thoughts...when you are at peace, see things you will! Concentrate.......... 

See things you will, indeed.  BUT only when you are at peace:  To overcome fear, you have to put it in its place and see it for what IT is - not for what YOU are not... and you have to allow yourself a moment or two of peace.  Peace is not a feeling.  It is a state of being.

And in that respect, peace is a gift:  God grant me the peace to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Choose to struggle against the Fear itself - not against the circumstances; not against the other people; not against the changes that must come.


Write your Vision!  Write your vision for yourself, your career, your family, your life... Write down what you want and then write that you BELIEVE in it.  Fear cannot stand Faith - of any kind.

Tired of getting beaten to a pulp by those negative thoughts?  Fight back!  GET MAD at the Fear not your circumstances... Beat back the fear with your Vision - with your Faith in the possible. That's the real war - the real struggle.  See it in your mind for what it actually is - and now look again, you'll SEE the struggle IS turning in your favor.  Believe it.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT. 

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