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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dreaming Today...

I woke up this morning with thoughts, images and words running through my mind so quickly I had to shake myself fully awake to keep up...

and I realized that today was a day for dreams.

Do you dream?

So I thought I'd run through my stream of consciousness with you because I've often been asked:  "How do you write?" and/or folks say "My mind goes blank when I try to write..."

Here are my words today:

Nature   trees   the wind   -  I miss the mountains.   Cardinals and black bears, the river running through the mountains between Staunton and Elkins on Rt 250SchoolThe FALLCollege football. ESPN.   Sweatshirts and shorts.

Go Mountaineers.  Hook 'em Horns.  Gotta buy tickets -- to the games, to the music festival, to fly to Indiana.........

Family.  I miss Gram.    Lord, keep my family safe today - give them peace, show them joy, deliver them from fear and illness, bring us all closer however You can.  Remind them I love them as much as You do...

Hurricane Katrina:  5 years today.  So many families in need, so much hurt, frustration, and anger still and yet beauty, change, growth, community.   I miss community -- I miss Clarksburg, those WV hills.  Smile.  It was a wonderful place to grow up.  I want to visit New Orleans...

Love Alexander McQueen.  What a loss... someday I'd love to own one of his coats.  His work always gave me cold chills.  Amazing.  Genius.  Impact.

I want to make an impact... that's my real dream.  I don't know how yet, don't know where yet - but someday.

One person at a time.

At the end of my life, I want to know that the world, my family and friends were better for my having been in their lives.  That's my vision.  That's my dream.

What's yours?

Please comment because I'd love to know... ;)

     THINK.    WRITE.    BELIEVE.    ACT.

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