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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life can be Unexpected...

Something fantastic happened to me recently -
I made a choice to make a change and have now watched opportunity after opportunity unfold before my eyes with each detail being worked out as if divinely ordained!
It is awe-inspiring, humbling, AND invigorating!

How and Why did I make that decision?

Earlier this year I started writing again - Taaa Daaa - blog 101.  Writing is empowering.  It demands honesty, requires thought, and generates new ideas as you put pen to paper or in this case, fingers to keyboard.  As I've conveyed my thoughts and philosophy, it has reminded me of the power of hope... the power of faith and belief... and the power of an individual.  One person.

Last month I visited my family in West Virginia and my dad who only recently started reading (thanks dadder) sat quietly next to me on his swing on his porch while we watched the birds.  We rocked back and forth for about 5 minutes and then he said, in that dad-tone:

     "So what exactly is your Vision?"

Without missing a beat, and still staring ahead, I answered him and was shocked by my own response because I responded effortlessly.  No thought, no hesitation, absolute honesty.

Can YOU do that?

It's a little different than the 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' question or the 'where do you want to be in five years?' one...

It's the ability to convey with complete clarity what matters to you.

When you know - when you KNOW - what that IS:  It makes all the decisions surrounding that vision easy to make.  And in those moments, you can enjoy the journey!  Because your journey will be focused forward, flowing and simple to help you 'become...'

...and that energy, that positive activity generates SOMEthing in heaven, in the universe that CREATES opportunity.  The cliches are all true - doors actually DO open.  Call it karma.  Call it answered prayers.  Call it the power of positive thinking.  Call it whatever you want... but for me, God opened up the window of heaven and has blessed me richly because I chose to change my 'present.'

Consider where you are.
Consider what matters to you.
Consider your Vision... now, WRITE it!  One word at a time... marinate on your OWN words.  Soak them in...

Believe in their power and the dream's possibility and then ACT accordingly.  You'll be amazed by the results.  ;)

I know I am.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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