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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Climb...

I feel like I've come so far in my journey.  And yet... 
You know everyone talks about how life is a journey.  How there are peaks and valleys.  You know the lines -

I feel like I'm about mid-climb up Everest - at the point where I'm asking myself "what was I thinking?" while also LOVING the thrill, taking in the majesty and the amazing view, and moving one foot in front of the other.  Pole - Step - Pole - Step.

Experienced Climbers have survival words of wisdom:  Check out MountEverest.net 

1. Always have the last word on your safety.
2. Respect the weather.
3. Use the ropes.
4. Drink plenty.
5. Know yourself.
6. Know your gear, oxygen, and alpine medicine.
7. Avalanche.

I'm with ya - till the last one.  AVALANCHE??  Uh oh...

Time to re-think? hmmm.  But that's the thing when you're climbing the mountain.  It comes fraught with risks.  You can have the best plan in the world.  Be following one of the world's best experts... Have the greatest equipment available --- and yet, you still have to RESPECT the weather and be prepared for Avalanche.

There are so many things to consider when you choose THIS dream!  I'd invite you to click through the attached link to see what I mean...

How much preparation do you put into YOUR dream?  How much time do you spend truly Thinking through the details - checking and rechecking your gear, getting physically fit so you can make the climb at all, and journaling each aspect from the moment you got your Vision to now leaving Base Camp?

Imagine it.

Consider the dedication.  The focus.  The willingness to do whatever was needed from fund-raising to training.

How much time do you spend on your Dream? on your Vision for your life?

For those willing to take the risk - who challenge themselves to be one of the FEW to attempt the climb - the rewards can be beyond comprehension.  Despite a little frostbite or altitude sickness or any number of 1000 other things that may negatively impact you on your journey... the View along the way - not just at the Summit is worth whatever pain, whatever obstacle, whatever setbacks you face.

Your dream is worth the investment.

The CLIMB is the story of all of our lives.

Don't just stare up at your mountain and see the danger.  EMBRACE it and allow yourself to experience the beautiful journey that is YOUR Climb!

Pole - Step - Pole - Step.  Breathe.  Look around.  Look up.  Look ahead...  Pole - Step - Pole - Step.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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