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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vision: Part 3 - BELIEVE

This is my favorite topic.

Belief / Believing / Faith... it's my favorite precisely because it's the one that more often than not trips us all up.  I do love a challenge though.  I know what you're thinking -- okay, Ange -- I get the Thinking part, can roll with you on the Writing but don't ask me to "simply B E L I E V E" in something for the sake of believing in it.

What if I'm wrong?  What if the thing I believe in is NOT the best thing for me at all?  Shouldn't God or the universe have the opportunity to correct me along the way?  If I'm all "I BELIEVE this will happen!" then what happens to me when it doesn't???

Good question(s).  What WILL happen to you exactly?

That's the thing about dreams or a vision... It is the job of Uncertainty, Fear, and Doubt to do whatever is necessary to destroy the dream and cloud the vision.  If you can't physically or tangibly SEE it - how can your vision be or ever become REAL?

Can you physically see Fear itself?  (not the expression of fear - but Fear itself)?  How about Doubt or Uncertainty?

We can see the impact of them, the expression of them but no tangible trace of them.  You cannot physically touch Fear or Doubt... anymore than you can physically touch Love --- but it's there.

Belief is an expression of faith, hope and love.  The polar opposites of the negatives I just described... and it requires a risk.  A dare.  An almost reckless abandonment of the tangible, solid, provable facts --- but something you undeniably know in your heart of hearts is the RIGHT thing.

So what will happen to you?  What if........

Here's the thing:

There is a difference between basic wants or desires and your dreams / your vision or purpose for your life.  The latter are the things that bring you the most joy, the most peace, and true happiness.  When you choose to walk toward those things, somewhere deep inside, you KNOW... and it's those moments of clarity that enable you to B E L I E V E --

Believe in the possibility -
Believe in the hint of the reality -
Believe in your choices -
Believe in your dreams.

You also know when you walk away from them.  You KNOW.  You make the choice to give it up, to change course, to try something else... something easier maybe, something you CAN live without if you have to.  Problem is - the dream never really goes away.  No matter how much you try to talk yourself out of it; no matter how many times you walk away from it... it comes back.  In reality, it never really left.  That's also how you KNOW and can distinguish between a human desire and your Vision.

So back to answering all those nagging, negative questions:

IF you've taken the time to think -- to truly listen to yourself, your heart, your mind, your soul -- and you've gotten down to what's really at the heart of who YOU are and what you want/need to fulfill you...

IF you've taken that reality and written it down  -- committed what was in your heart to paper making it tangible, concrete...

Then you are closer to KNOWING your own truth -- and by that what I mean is what really MEANS SOMETHING to you, what makes you tick, what brings you joy, what gives you a sense of YOU -- uniquely YOU...

That glimpse will fuel your belief in your Vision.

And that Belief will sustain you no matter how many times you may be hurt or disappointed by the mortals who fail you or the circumstances that may derail you.  It will bring you back to center when you stray off course; and it will be the thing that tickles your remembrance when you try to shelve that dream for something else.

You must believe in you and in your dream/vision for it to come true.  If you won't allow yourself to do that then no one and nothing else can fulfill it for you.  YOU have the POWER to BELIEVE if you do nothing else!

Dare to allow yourself to just B E L I E V E............

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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