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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Step 4. Marinate

We are all looking for answers of some kind.  The last three steps were designed to present you with the opportunity to HEAR something new - something different - something else.  And if you went through the steps, you did actually hear something - even if it was quiet.

Step 4 is about taking the time now to MARINATE on that word or phrase.  

To 'marinate:'  (n.) means to wait calmly for something to happen. 

Your next step once you have that word or phrase is to THINK on it.  SIT WITH IT...  Think about what it means for you and your life.  Don't dissect it endlessly and don't question it allowing doubt to steal it but simply recognize what your soul is trying to tell you and WHY it might be telling you what it did.  Sit with it...

Chances are it's probably an idea or thought that you know already... it may be something you need or something you need to fix or add.

Whatever IT is, now is the time to understand it so take time to THINK on it.  ;)  You might be surprised by what you find.

[To Kri & Hettie, thanks for reminding me that Everyday is an Opportunity!] 
THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Step 3. Recognize the Answer

So far you've challenged yourself to find quiet time (breathing) and ask one simple but direct question:  What do you want?

Step 3 is Recognizing the ANSWER!


Recognizing the Answer means allowing that first thought to JUST BE...  it means hearing your first thought... it means accepting your first thought.

So the exercise should go something like this:
  1. breathe in, breathe out (@90 seconds minimal) = clear the clutter, no questions, no thoughts, just breathing [Note/Tip: It's easiest for me to do this in the shower in the morning and just let the water fall over my head.  I focus on my breathing and the feel of the water]
  2. Once you've relaxed into that breathing -- however long it takes -- now ask the Question:  What do you want?
  3. Now, what's the FIRST THOUGHT that pops into your head??
And I literally mean the first thought!

It could be something simple like:  peace.

But then peace becomes 'peace at work' or 'peace at home' then more specifically 'peace with my Mom' or 'peace with my son' or 'peace with my coworker...'

It could be something like:  time.

That could be 'time off' or 'time with family' or 'time to complete something like a project...'

The key here is to HEAR whatever that FIRST WORD or phrase actually IS!

Why does this matter?

It matters because whatever that first word or phrase is - is the beginning of you listening to yourself.  LISTENING to your heart.  LISTENING for your voice.  LISTENING.

This may sound simple but simple does not mean it's EASY.  This takes practice.  Practice NOT skill.  It takes practice to create the space to allow yourself to tune in to your own heart's channel.

TRY IT! and I hope you'll let me know what you hear...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Step 2. Allow for Introspection...

You've challenged yourself to find just 90 seconds in your day to be silent... time to quiet your mind - those racing thoughts, the voices of "I can't" or "You should" or "I need to" - for a few heart beats.

You did it!

Now ask yourself:  "Was that really THAT hard?"  For some who've never allowed themselves even a moment of peace - probably.  If that's you, you've made a HUGE leap!  Feel good and savor that victory!  Keep going.  Day in and day out until that 90 seconds becomes second nature... a habit.

For those of you who had no problem finding that time, consider that there are untold numbers of books and philosophies out there that say something to the effect of 'people who take anywhere from a minute or more to 10 minutes a day for quiet - whether that's meditation or simple silence are HAPPIER.'


So now you've started the process.  You are allowing your 90 seconds - consider challenging yourself to increase that "quiet time" over time...

Why?  To create the space for your mind to be at rest - peaceful - silent.  It's allowing your brain to exercise differently.

As you are retraining your brain through this process, once you've mastered your QUIET - it's time for Step 2.  Allow for thought.  THINKINGNot random, jumbled, fleeting thoughts - no.  Focused introspection.

Focused introspection asks ONE question.  

It's a little like playing charades or pictionary... because you have to sort through the clutter that may come to get to the answer.  YOUR answer.

So what's the question, you wonder?  

Very simply:  
What do YOU want?

What do you WANT?
WHAT do you want?

Depending on how you say and hear the question, your thoughtful response may vary.  Nonetheless, you first have to find the time and create the space with your quiet time to even be able to HEAR the Question - let alone your honest answer.

So maintain at a minimum, your 90 seconds of quiet.  Then, once you've achieved that time, take a deep breath, release it slowly exhaling and ask yourself THE question.

That's right - JUST ask the question and keep breathing:  Deep inhale and exhale out. 

That's it.

Now rinse and repeat!  :)  just kidding... (on the rinse part).  

Repeat the question and the subsequent breathing at least three to five times.  For those of you who closed your eyes during this breathing/question process - upon the last question and exhale - open your eyes.

End Step 2.