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Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's Gonna Be a Good Day!

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!

Thank you to our Veterans past, present, and future!  EVERY time I watch this Black Eyed Peas video from the flash mob in Chicago, I just smile...

So, I hope you'll watch!  If you haven't seen it - it will make you SMILE and DANCE!  If you have seen it, it's worth watching again!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life can be Unexpected...

Something fantastic happened to me recently -
I made a choice to make a change and have now watched opportunity after opportunity unfold before my eyes with each detail being worked out as if divinely ordained!
It is awe-inspiring, humbling, AND invigorating!

How and Why did I make that decision?

Earlier this year I started writing again - Taaa Daaa - blog 101.  Writing is empowering.  It demands honesty, requires thought, and generates new ideas as you put pen to paper or in this case, fingers to keyboard.  As I've conveyed my thoughts and philosophy, it has reminded me of the power of hope... the power of faith and belief... and the power of an individual.  One person.

Last month I visited my family in West Virginia and my dad who only recently started reading (thanks dadder) sat quietly next to me on his swing on his porch while we watched the birds.  We rocked back and forth for about 5 minutes and then he said, in that dad-tone:

     "So what exactly is your Vision?"

Without missing a beat, and still staring ahead, I answered him and was shocked by my own response because I responded effortlessly.  No thought, no hesitation, absolute honesty.

Can YOU do that?

It's a little different than the 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' question or the 'where do you want to be in five years?' one...

It's the ability to convey with complete clarity what matters to you.

When you know - when you KNOW - what that IS:  It makes all the decisions surrounding that vision easy to make.  And in those moments, you can enjoy the journey!  Because your journey will be focused forward, flowing and simple to help you 'become...'

...and that energy, that positive activity generates SOMEthing in heaven, in the universe that CREATES opportunity.  The cliches are all true - doors actually DO open.  Call it karma.  Call it answered prayers.  Call it the power of positive thinking.  Call it whatever you want... but for me, God opened up the window of heaven and has blessed me richly because I chose to change my 'present.'

Consider where you are.
Consider what matters to you.
Consider your Vision... now, WRITE it!  One word at a time... marinate on your OWN words.  Soak them in...

Believe in their power and the dream's possibility and then ACT accordingly.  You'll be amazed by the results.  ;)

I know I am.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Let Go?

There is something to be said for 'letting go.'  In a blog about dreams - about writing your vision - where could that possibly fit?  How could that ever make sense?

The important thing to remember when you Write Your Vision is that you are often focused on the end result right?  You SEE where you want to go - the end of the rainbow - the homerun or touchdown - the finished product.  You take that image that's in your mind's eye and hopefully commit it to paper or in our Environmentally-conscious world to a document or other online resource.  ;)

And that's ALL GOOD!  That's precisely what I recommend you do!  Because after all, you can't get what you want if you don't know what you want, right?  Right.

That said,  I've never said ANYTHING at all about HOW to get there...

Here's the critical piece:  You will never - no never - reach your goal, your vision - your dream if you stay where you are.

Re-read that last sentence, please.

Yes, I said NEVER.  It is impossible.  Achieving anything at all requires ACTION.  It requires us to move... often to move forward.  And inevitably that means you must Let Go of where you are, sometimes even who you are now, etc.  We are human B E I N Gs not human been's or human be's (as in "be still" not buzzzz).  We are constantly in motion whether we choose to recognize this reality or not.

Every second we become someone new.  We are aging.  We are learning.  We are growing.

I am not the same person I was 10 seconds ago, 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago, 10 months ago... et.al.

Neither are you.

So why do we cling to the status quo?  Because we are afraid to let go.

The status quo is safe.  It's predictable.  It IS... you know it, it's familiar.  You think you can control it.  But, here's the thing - you can't and believe it or not, your STATUS QUO is actually changing right in front of you.

There's only one thing that I know of that remains constant -- that's the Alpha & the Omega (but that's a topic for a different day)...

Nothing EVER stays the same.  It can't.

So stop believing the lie.  When you recognize this fundamental truth - it becomes SO much easier to let go because the reality is, you never had what you thought you had in the first place.  AND if you truly want to reach your dream, you must let go of your NOW and your YESTERDAY...

Embrace where you actually ARE and recognize you are in the constant motion of becoming... so choose to release what you think you are holding onto to and instead face forward.  Step with the current and allow yourself to walk in harmony with it towards your destiny.

Why let go?  Because the very act of releasing your past frees you to embrace your future.

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

Walk the World

Hi everyone!  I hope you'll consider supporting WALK THE WORLD!
This is an annual global event to raise money and awareness for WFP’s efforts to fight child hunger and malnutrition. 
The walk takes place across a 24-hour time span, in 70 countries around the world, with over 360,000 people walking five kilometers. It begins in Auckland, New Zealand and finishes in Samoa. Last year, enough money was raised to provide school meals for one year to more than 20 thousand children in the world's poorest countries.

This year the event will take place on Sunday June 6.  
Take a look at walktheworld.wfp.org to find out more information, find a walk near you, create your own walk or join our virtual walk.

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Choose?

How do you make a choice?  Especially if the choice is between two things / people / options you love or two you hate?
  • Do you make a list of Pros and Cons?
  • Do you consider your options? alternatives?
  • Do you choose not to choose - to wait for lightning or thunder to give you a sign?
  • Do you wait to feel something else? something different?
What would it take for you to finally make that decision and CHOOSE?

It's easy to armchair quarterback.  When it comes to others, we often SEE so clearly... but in our own lives, we can become frozen.  Stuck.  And the fear of making the WRONG choice often immobilizes us from making ANY choice.

- but - what's worse?  No choice or the wrong one?

I believe that NO choice is worse than making the wrong one.  I believe that because if you are able to make a choice - and it doesn't turn out like you wanted - you have the ability to choose differently in most cases. (common sense here please, felonies are no brainers... ;)

If you refuse to make a choice however, you and whomever your choice impacts, remains in Limbo-land... and for me at least, that's worse than any wrong decision.  In my heart, I know a bad decision can almost always be turned around.  You can make amends.  You can choose differently.  But you can't 'unstuck stuck' without ACTION.

We all make bad choices at times.  We're human.  It's inevitable.  When you do and you realize it's the wrong decision, you can move heaven and earth to fix your mistake and if necessary seek forgiveness.

Now all this isn't to say that you shouldn't weigh your choices VERY carefully!  And it also doesn't mean that you should DO things you can't un-do thoughtlessly... NO.  On the contrary!

What it does mean is that you can only agonize over your options for so long - eventually you simply must choose.  That's life.  If you don't, someone or something else will choose FOR you.  Maybe for you - that's okay.  It absolves you from responsibility then right?  Perhaps.  But then, that doesn't mean what happens is what's supposed to happen nor does it mean that the result is what's best.  In fact, in my life I've seen the OPPOSITE to be true in almost every case.

So how to choose?

Write your Vision.

SEE the end result of your choice - as best you can - and then THINK about which outcome will fulfill your life the MOST.  Think about which will challenge you the most; which will bring you the most joy; which will teach you the most.  Choose to SEE these end results in their most positive form: the ultimate desired future - what your heart of hearts WANTS - your Perfect World.

- Honesty is All that is Required -
Note: Don't try to figure out HOW to get this! ONLY write what you truly, deeply Want!

Once you can SEE that, CHOOSE to Believe in that potential, its possibility!  - Fight the Fear -

and, ACT!  Take the steps to make your Perfect World (nothing less - no settling) a reality.

Only YOU can... because the choice about your future - your dream - your vision is and has always been yours.  WRITE your Vision!  It will reveal which choice is ultimately the right one for you.

And remember, "Don't Wait 50 years..." to be with your true love (quote: Letters to Juliet)  ;)

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing Something Happy

Choose to be Happy today... someone didn't wake up this morning and WE DID.

Isn't THAT so true?  Consider that.  Consider this:

When was the last time you got to spend the day with the one person you love more than any one or any thing else?

How did you feel?  Were you happy? ecstatic? nervous? content? in love? in awe?

Did her presence alone right your world?  Did his smile distract you?

If those feelings are still there after years - then you are truly blessed.  Be Happy.

If you are rediscovering your love - relish each moment and take the opportunity to notice everything.  Look at how her hair parts or smile is slightly crooked.  Catalog the feeling of her skin under your touch.  Memorize the way he walks, his cadence.  Hear that voice even with your eyes closed and you're sitting alone.

If you haven't met your love - KNOW that she/he is out there.  Be Happy.

In each case, recognize the beautiful opportunities you have before you.  SAVOR what you've been given - whether it's one minute, one hour, one night, one year, or one lifetime - because whatever time you have together is PRECIOUS.

Be Happy NOW.


... and if by chance, your love can't see what you see:  Write Your Vision and then Share that.  Show your love -- whether that's your spouse/partner, your kids, parents/grandparents etc. -- Show them however you can so they too can BELIEVE.  So they can overcome their fears, their doubts.  So they can know YOU.

YOU are worth knowing.  Dream.  Dare to show them who You are... and invite them to see past the hurt, past the numbness and uncertainty.

BELIEVE that you are worth the risk. 

Someone didn't wake up today.  Make your tomorrow what YOU want it to be - spend it with the one you love.

Be Happy you can...

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Climb...

I feel like I've come so far in my journey.  And yet... 
You know everyone talks about how life is a journey.  How there are peaks and valleys.  You know the lines -

I feel like I'm about mid-climb up Everest - at the point where I'm asking myself "what was I thinking?" while also LOVING the thrill, taking in the majesty and the amazing view, and moving one foot in front of the other.  Pole - Step - Pole - Step.

Experienced Climbers have survival words of wisdom:  Check out MountEverest.net 

1. Always have the last word on your safety.
2. Respect the weather.
3. Use the ropes.
4. Drink plenty.
5. Know yourself.
6. Know your gear, oxygen, and alpine medicine.
7. Avalanche.

I'm with ya - till the last one.  AVALANCHE??  Uh oh...

Time to re-think? hmmm.  But that's the thing when you're climbing the mountain.  It comes fraught with risks.  You can have the best plan in the world.  Be following one of the world's best experts... Have the greatest equipment available --- and yet, you still have to RESPECT the weather and be prepared for Avalanche.

There are so many things to consider when you choose THIS dream!  I'd invite you to click through the attached link to see what I mean...

How much preparation do you put into YOUR dream?  How much time do you spend truly Thinking through the details - checking and rechecking your gear, getting physically fit so you can make the climb at all, and journaling each aspect from the moment you got your Vision to now leaving Base Camp?

Imagine it.

Consider the dedication.  The focus.  The willingness to do whatever was needed from fund-raising to training.

How much time do you spend on your Dream? on your Vision for your life?

For those willing to take the risk - who challenge themselves to be one of the FEW to attempt the climb - the rewards can be beyond comprehension.  Despite a little frostbite or altitude sickness or any number of 1000 other things that may negatively impact you on your journey... the View along the way - not just at the Summit is worth whatever pain, whatever obstacle, whatever setbacks you face.

Your dream is worth the investment.

The CLIMB is the story of all of our lives.

Don't just stare up at your mountain and see the danger.  EMBRACE it and allow yourself to experience the beautiful journey that is YOUR Climb!

Pole - Step - Pole - Step.  Breathe.  Look around.  Look up.  Look ahead...  Pole - Step - Pole - Step.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.