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Friday, May 18, 2012

Choice? Chance? or Something Else?

Life really is funny sometimes and I am always surprised at how in an instant it can change - for better or worse.  I know many people believe everything is Random Chance; while others argue for Fate and Destiny.

I tend to believe in both... but I do prefer to narrow my odds any way I can!  That way, if it IS fate then I'm doing my part and IF it's just random, at least I feel better with my attempt at control.  LOL

Today I just feel happy.
I bought football tickets to the WVU vs. Texas Longhorns game here in Austin on October 6th.  That just made me smile.  It's FUN and I do love my team(s).  While this is just a little thing in the grand scheme, it reminded me how nice it is to be ABLE to DO what I want to do sometimes.  So often there's setbacks, unreasonable constraints caused by things beyond our control, or any number of a hundred other things that get in the way of even the most insignificant choices.  So every now and then when something just goes RIGHT, it's nice to celebrate it, to savor it.  No matter how big or how seemingly small.

So what makes some things go so right and other days nothing at all work?

Well it may be a combination of the above or something else entirely.  For me, today at least, it doesn't really matter.  What DOES matter is how I deal with it all...

Call it a control issue or doing my part to help the universe along on my behalf or simply FAITH - whatever you choose - but the bottom line is that putting your VISION out there sets things in motion whether it's the law of action and reaction or God's hand at work.  It works!

I like to think God has a sense of humor as well as purpose.  He's always teaching... but I'm finding as I get older that the universal principles of faith, persistence, trust, forgiveness, and love really do combine to carry us forward on a timeless wave... AND when we stop battling to swim against the current but rather relax and enjoy the ride, it can be amazing.  But these things take PRACTICE.  It's not enough to 'know' what the right thing to do is but rather to ACT on those convictions.  It's not enough to simply dream about a better future, but rather to DO whatever we can to help facilitate that future.  Even "being still" requires activity.  It is an action not a passive state.  Okay? Yes, so now what?  Where to start?

It begins with Writing Your Vision.

What do you want?  What do you need?  What do you know?

Take the time to Think about what you want.  Large or small.  Then Write that thought(s) down.  Now Speak what you wrote out loud.  Say it.  Choose to Believe that it IS possible... and Act accordingly.

Simple formula.
Very difficult for most of us to DO.

Regardless, if you take the time and set your intention, you'll be amazed by the Power of giving voice to your own heart's desire... and awed by the Grace that will come to breathe life into your words.  I dare you to try it!  and watch your Faith arise as you start to see your prayers answered.  Because that's what these really are - intentions, thoughts, hopes, dreams - they're prayers.

Buying those tickets today made me smile AFTER I did it because when I got home, I realized I had just fulfilled my own hope.

Years ago I wrote in my Prayer Journal that I wanted to go to a WV-TX football game whenever they played, preferably for a national championship! but bowl game, whatever... I just wanted to go.  That's what I actually had written down.  I had completely forgotten I'd done that until today.  Now in the past year or so, I've talked about season tickets here, buying tickets at WVU, etc. etc. etc... but apparently I hadn't WRITTEN any of THAT down.  The only thing I wrote was about this one thing.  Very specific.  For whatever reason, today I go the urge to look up how to get tickets to this game and proceeded to buy them.  That alone made me happy... but then I had this tickling in the back of my brain that started reminding me that I had ALWAYS wanted and intended to go to this game.  I shook it off.  Silly.  And then just as I sat down to write this blog post, I remembered.  I had actually written down my request long long ago when Vince Young was QB at Texas.

Well, I'll be.........

Now some of you may discount this entirely as a self-fulfilling action... and you're partially right.  But the truth is that I still did it without thinking or realizing that today.

And isn't that the point?

Today I ACTED on behalf of my own vision from years ago.  And in a few months when I actually GO to the game, I'll have another item to cross off my prayer request list.  It's a very very small, truly insignificant detail and yet, it's on the path to coming true.  I believe this is because "even the hairs on my head are numbered" (Luke 12:7, Matthew 10:30).  I believe God cares about every single insignificant detail of my life; AND that He is working all things together for good (Romans 8:28).

Consider riding that timeless wave for yourself... and watch as even the smallest things start to come together in your life.  You'll be surprised, amazed, and humbled.  I know I am.