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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing Something Happy

Choose to be Happy today... someone didn't wake up this morning and WE DID.

Isn't THAT so true?  Consider that.  Consider this:

When was the last time you got to spend the day with the one person you love more than any one or any thing else?

How did you feel?  Were you happy? ecstatic? nervous? content? in love? in awe?

Did her presence alone right your world?  Did his smile distract you?

If those feelings are still there after years - then you are truly blessed.  Be Happy.

If you are rediscovering your love - relish each moment and take the opportunity to notice everything.  Look at how her hair parts or smile is slightly crooked.  Catalog the feeling of her skin under your touch.  Memorize the way he walks, his cadence.  Hear that voice even with your eyes closed and you're sitting alone.

If you haven't met your love - KNOW that she/he is out there.  Be Happy.

In each case, recognize the beautiful opportunities you have before you.  SAVOR what you've been given - whether it's one minute, one hour, one night, one year, or one lifetime - because whatever time you have together is PRECIOUS.

Be Happy NOW.


... and if by chance, your love can't see what you see:  Write Your Vision and then Share that.  Show your love -- whether that's your spouse/partner, your kids, parents/grandparents etc. -- Show them however you can so they too can BELIEVE.  So they can overcome their fears, their doubts.  So they can know YOU.

YOU are worth knowing.  Dream.  Dare to show them who You are... and invite them to see past the hurt, past the numbness and uncertainty.

BELIEVE that you are worth the risk. 

Someone didn't wake up today.  Make your tomorrow what YOU want it to be - spend it with the one you love.

Be Happy you can...

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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