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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Step 4. Marinate

We are all looking for answers of some kind.  The last three steps were designed to present you with the opportunity to HEAR something new - something different - something else.  And if you went through the steps, you did actually hear something - even if it was quiet.

Step 4 is about taking the time now to MARINATE on that word or phrase.  

To 'marinate:'  (n.) means to wait calmly for something to happen. 

Your next step once you have that word or phrase is to THINK on it.  SIT WITH IT...  Think about what it means for you and your life.  Don't dissect it endlessly and don't question it allowing doubt to steal it but simply recognize what your soul is trying to tell you and WHY it might be telling you what it did.  Sit with it...

Chances are it's probably an idea or thought that you know already... it may be something you need or something you need to fix or add.

Whatever IT is, now is the time to understand it so take time to THINK on it.  ;)  You might be surprised by what you find.

[To Kri & Hettie, thanks for reminding me that Everyday is an Opportunity!] 
THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT. 

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