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Friday, March 4, 2011

Steps 5, 6 ,7. Write, Speak, Act.

(sorry it's been a little while since I posted... thought I'd catch everything up at once! :)

Now, last time we talked, I introduced the concept of "marinating" for our fourth step.  THINKING.  The purpose of this was not to allow doubt to creep in and steal your word or phrase that you were newly given but to allow you to sit with your new possibility.  Should doubt or other questioning/negative thoughts begin their assault, recognize them for the thieves they are and reject them as you would any robber coming to your door.  I believe if that happened, you'd do a little more than 'just saying no!' so apply the same principles here.

Step 5 is my favorite.

Step 5.  WRITE down your word or phrase or VISION!!!!

Yes!  You guessed it.  By writing down your new word or idea, you are giving that new thought "presence."  You are introducing it as a reality.  You are allowing it to actually BE! 

My suggestion is that you write it into a journal or prayer diary but ALSO write it on something like a sticky note and then place that on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer at work, your visor in your car, your school locker, or better yet - your T.V.!  --  LOL --  Put it where you will see it OFTEN!


Because Step 6 is to SPEAK your Truth!  

Speak your new word or idea or vision!  Look at what you've written and now read it OUT LOUD!  Speak it!  Let yourself hear you say the words.  And when you say them, don't speak it in a future or past tense.  Speak it NOW.  Call that thing that is not as if it were...  By speaking this out loud and hearing it and SEEING it (because you've written it down), you are creating a sensory reaction that will help you BELIEVE that what you've written, what you are speaking CAN actually become reality.

So you've written it, are speaking it... just starting to believe it - NOW WHAT?

Step 7 is to ACT!

huh?  Act how?  Say what?

The final step in your Vision process is to take what you've learned and now APPLY it.  To act on it!  How?  However...

If your vision was to have a different job and spend more time at home.  Put your resume together and start networking or start your own business.  Go see about a small business loan!  In the meantime, start leaving work at 5 instead of 6:00... try working from home one day if you can... or get home early and make a family dinner one night.

If your vision is for a reconciliation with family, take the step to reach out and start the conversation.  Deliver forgiveness and you'll often receive it...

Whatever your vision is, it probably involves CHANGE Change of something for something else.  Don't be afraid of what you want!  Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid!  Don't be afraid...  Changing how you think and speak will allow you to believe - have faith - that your heart's dream CAN come true.  When you believe, you act differently.

Choose your Vision! and watch what God and the universe does in response!

THINK.     WRITE.     BELIEVE.     ACT. 

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