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Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny thing about Change...

Have you ever prayed and prayed and thought and wished and hoped for something and then been utterly freaked out when your world starts to change?

That's happened to me more times than I can count.

I do all the things I say:  I think (endlessly), write (perpetually), speak it / believe it... and do my level best to act accordingly in support of my vision for myself.  I try not to speak negatives because I believe words are very powerful.  I work hard to practice all this material.

But inevitably, I still -- despite having seen it all work before -- get unsettled when circumstances in my life start to change.  Though I'm not an avid Simpson's fan, this behavior deserves a "D'oh!" accompanied by the proverbial head slap.

You know, of course, if you are actively seeking to MOVE FORWARD - to actually do so requires changing the present.  So why then am I surprised when it does?  Now granted, I do pick up on these subtle or sometimes wall falling/flattening cues eventually; but I'm still not attuned enough to figure it out while it's happening yet!  And that does tend to make me shake my head...

So that others won't suffer the same Change Angst, here's a few clues:
  • IF there's an area of your life that is somewhat controlled or content - expect disruption!
  • Expect the last thing to actually occur...
  • When the avalanche sweeps you up - yes, avalanche - pretend you're on a sled.
The funny thing about change is - that it's COMING!  So DON'T be surprised when it does - especially if you've finally taken the time to determine your dreams.

When your circumstances DO change (and they will), that's a SURE FIRE sign that your Vision is in motion.  You've created the necessary disturbance in the spiritual realm's MoJo and now you've unlocked the door and swung it open blowing in a new breeze.

So EMBRACE it -- whatever IT is -- because no matter how much it may hurt or scare you, whatever the new circumstance is -- it's your sign that you're definitely on the right track even if you can't see the road!

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