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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope for HAITI Now - please give...

The images are heartbreaking.  The need almost unbearable.  The overwhelming sense of loss make you want to close your eyes, change the channel, or walk away...

And then - you hear a story of a child pulled from the rubble after 8 days or a grandmother found singing - their HOPE is astounding, inspiring and humbling.

Our eyes well up and that lump in your throat invokes a need to connect, to give, to DO something.

For now, we can pray.  We can give - even if it's just a dollar today.  And we can remember - choosing not to shut out the pain but to embrace it with the children and people of Haiti together.

"kenbe fem, Haiti"  (hold/stand firm Haiti) - We are with you.

Justin Timberlake singing Hallelujah

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