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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things that Touch Your Heart

When thinking about the future, the past often comes along for the ride.  Today I got a rare gift - a great friend I've missed for years came back into my life thanks to the Internet.  It was one of those moments when life stops for a heartbeat and joy floods your world.

It made me truly realize once again how incredibly important the people we love are.  For me, I want the blessings of my past to be a part of my vision for the future.  It is those people who have seen us at our worst and love us anyway that remind me of the power of friendship.  How great is it that we all have those people in our lives at one time or another?  What a gift!

As I've mentioned before, I write things down... and yes, I have written for years that I wanted to find and reconnect with this person again.  So I get to cross off another one from my life list. 

You get a real confirmation when the things you write down come to pass.

So be encouraged! 

What's all this mean?  The first note would be to remember to include the things and the people that touch your heart in your Vision.  After all, it is the people who make it all worthwhile in the end. 

The second would be once you have the people you love in your life - either for the first time or coming back again - don't let them go!

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