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Friday, January 15, 2010

Vision: Part 1 - THINK

I'm sure by now you've figured out the ongoing theme here is write it down but there's more to 'it' than just 'it.'  The 'it' we're talking about is "Vision."

Think about that word for a minute and some of the stream of consciousness words that come to mind when you say it.  Here's a few of mine:
  • envision
  • see
  • sight
  • future
  • belief
  • destiny
  • plan
  • mission
  • gift
  • soon
Most of these things refer to something other than the "now."  Does that mean we shouldn't live in the moment and experience life one day at a time?  No way!!  For someone tonight, this moment is all they have or will ever have again.  Someone else won't wake up tomorrow... BUT someone else will have their dream come true - whatever that dream may be.

During times when the fragility of life is so obvious is usually when people start to reflect.  You hug your kids for a few extra seconds; call your parents just to say hi; kiss your partner a little deeper and maybe even smile at your coworker who was driving you crazy an hour ago.  At the end of the day you counted your blessings.  These actions however, required THOUGHT first.  You thought about what was important and when you did, you got out of your own mind, out of your own way and prioritized.

Vision requires thought.

When you take just a few minutes and allow yourself to reflect on your own life, what do you see?  What do you feel?  If you are utterly happy with every aspect of your being, then cheers to you!  AND please send me a note because I'd LOVE to meet you!  No one I know now (myself included) can say that!! 

So what do you think would make you happy?  What is your vision for you?

If you don't know yet, that's okay.  Start there.

Several years ago I literally wrote that on a piece of paper:  I don't know what I want right now.  Then within a few seconds, I crossed that out and wrote:  I think I want to teach.  Then I crossed out the words "I think" leaving me with "I want to teach."  I stared at that sentence for a while, laughed and said literally out loud:  "Teach WHAT?"  And from there, I started jotting down whatever popped in my head.  After only about five minutes, I had deciphered my own heart's desire and made myself a long list of "Teach What's."

It was that simple.  And that was the beginning of my vision. 

So start where you are. 
Just give yourself a few minutes to THINK... and then see what happens!

Utilizing your brain in this way can trigger unexpected side effects!  So be prepared!  It may result in a deluge of positive and negative thoughts.  That's okay too, you can filter later!!!! 

Disclosure: I filtered out that my immediate next thought after staring at the words 'I want to teach' was "...not a chance! teachers get no respect and don't make squat!'  Amazingly though, I kept processing and arrived at "Teach WHAT?" so don't let the negative narrow your flow OR your options!

   THINK.      WRITE.         BELIEVE.        ACT.

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