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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wisdom 101

Ever have one of those days where, as  you reflect, you smile at your current circumstance? or chuckle at the most recent turn of events?  Have  you learned something new about yourself lately?

I have.

Our lives really are amazing.  Even when something bad happens, something good can come from it if we are open to the possibility of seeing through a different lens.  Anyone remember post-Polaroid, cameras with actual FILM?  Pre-digital when you had no idea if you took a good shot until you developed the roll...  Remember those really fancy cameras with multiple lenses (still present today only digital)?  You could change lenses and see from an entirely NEW perspective.  Change a filter and further adjust what you saw... and in that moment alone, you could SEE.  You didn't get any other instant gratification of a saved image until the roll was developed so you had to rely on that moment's perspective and memory.  Then be struck again by the beauty of the photo if it was properly shot and developed.  In those days, when you received your photos, you could relive the memory of that moment.  Today, you still can but it's immediate.  NO waiting involved.

New perspectives.

Your perspective really IS your reality.  Thing is, if you close one eye or tilt your head even slightly, that perspective changes dramatically.

What I have learned today and continue to learn is to expect new perspectives and to embrace them all, enjoying the journey of new experiences or information as I discover these variations that come if you look for them.

Life can present some wonderful lessons through varying perspectives IF you slow down long enough to SEE them.  Ponder them.  Absorb them.

Look around your life today.

Choose to SEE with a different lens... and I'll bet you'll see something new that you've never really noticed before.  Something wonderful.  Understanding that your singular perspective may not always be accurate is, I believe the first step to real WISDOM.


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