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Monday, January 10, 2011

Be the Change...

At times the negative voices of destruction and fear, hate and angst can be screaming so loudly all around us that it can APPEAR that they are bigger than they are.

We've all heard the cliches - how the squeaky wheel gets the grease; he who shouts loudest, shouts best, etc - but I believe despite the relentless barrage, good is overpowering evil in a waterfall of variable victories every single day.

This week we saw a Democratic Congresswoman, a child, a judge, and other innocent people gunned down outside a grocery store because the assailant listened to the voices of destruction in his head.  Despite this, one of the heroes of the day was a young man, a new staffer, who tended to the wounded and cradled the Congresswoman's head in his lap applying pressure to her wound and most likely saving her life.  He acted... and reacted listening to his better angels rather than allowing his own voices of fear to keep him frozen.  His actions were several small, immediate victories of good directly challenging the evil he just witnessed.

The child that died was one of the babies of 9/11/01.  When I think back to that destructive day, it still makes me cry, but while my heart breaks at the tragedy - it also swells at the enormity of the love and the power of that love that rose instantly to defeat the evil.  It's what drove those firemen and first responders UP into the Towers when everyone and everything else was coming down... It's the LOVE that marshaled worker after worker to run to the danger to do whatever they could to help or dig, carry water buckets, move metal, bandage a wound, or simply give another person - a stranger - a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

~ LOVE is  T H E  most Powerful Force on Earth and in heaven ~

It is LOVE that drives us to give out of our need or our plenty...  It is LOVE that causes us to pause whenever we see someone or something that needs our time, our attention, our dollar, or simply our smile...  It is LOVE that keeps our service men and women fighting and their families praying and sacrificing...  It is LOVE that drives doctors to heal, social workers to work 24/7 and teachers to continue day in and day out for poverty-level pay.

...I could go on and on.

and I'm sure your list could too.  

2011 is the year of ONE -- it's the year of unity and 'one-ness' -- the year to free what you love, your dream by allowing yourself to believe that it IS possible, achievable.  It's the time where I hope we all listen to our better angels and fight the good fight.

When we choose that, we then BECOME the CHANGE we hope for... Think about your Vision for yourself.  Choose to Be the Change in your own home, at your job, church, gym or simply wherever you ARE.

... and I think if you choose to look up and look around, you'll see the voices of negativity are simply banging gongs - noisemakers designed to distract you from the Truth.  There is still today good that is always present to challenge evil wherever or however it exists.

Unlock your power!  Choose to Be the Change you want...  
LOVE IS your greatest ally, source of strength and truth - it never fails!


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Anonymous said...

The only constant is the variable, so in reality everything is always changing, but for many people change is something not wanted, perhaps because it's easy and safe to stay where we are, do the things that we know, and be the persons that we are. If it’s true that the things that we hate in others are the things that we don't accept of ourselves, then once we accept those things we won’t hate anymore. Unfortunately we reject those things, we don't let them go through our system (resistance cause persistence) and therefore they stay making our lives miserable. We have the key of our own happiness. So even though sometimes it not that easy, change it's the best thing to do for oneself and just oneself can do it.