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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Memories Remain...

Have you ever been stopped cold by a memory?

These can be good or bad.

It struck me how often the past resurfaces... if we're not careful, the past can and will dictate the future.  How?  You can become so consumed with what WAS, you confuse it with 'what you think might have been...' and miss your chance to choose your dream NOW.

To be clear though - now - does not mean status quo.  No, on the contrary, it means choosing IN THE NOW to follow your dream.  To follow your heart and not be bound by perceived obligation or fear.  It means make decisions right now and then again and again and again to stay - or get back - on course!  Moment by moment.

As for others,

most people need their comfort zone.  They need for YOU to be who they think they know.  They need you to stay in your box:  to remain who you were because IF they acknowledge that you are changing or have changed then their own decisions can be called into question. And unfortunately, most refuse to change a decision or an opinion once it's made.  They can confuse that refusal as loyalty, experience, or any number of other things.  The truth is that it's often fear or stubbornness.

It's often something inside them 

Why am I saying that?

Because this is a reminder that You can only control YOU... you can only choose to control your own thoughts and the words you speak, the actions you take.  Don't allow other's PERCEPTIONS of your truth to shape your choice.  Acknowledge your own change!  Live in each moment.

Dare to always be who you are and to follow YOUR vision!  

We are all changing every day.  There is nothing in our world that is absolutely still unless it's frozen and even then the molecules may still be in motion.  - Embrace  the  Possibilities -

I asked if you ever had a memory stop you cold?
Often a good, beautiful memory can become a source of heartache if you've lost the person or thing that brought you that joy.  If that ever happens to you, work toward reclaiming your memory.  Recognizing the beauty in the moment by choosing to shut out the pain of loss while you re-experience that loved one or that event again.

Don't allow any form of negativity to disrupt your mind and afflict your heart.  You can still LEARN from your past without being haunted by it.  You can still Love and Cherish those you've lost and their amazing presence in your life without being tormented by sorrow in the present due to their absence.  [Note, I'm not talking about typical sadness or grief or loss but on a long-suffering circumstance that can be debilitating, tormenting, or prolonged to the point that it is affecting all you do].

Work toward speaking, believing, and thinking positively with regard to your past and those memories. Reclaim them!  The more disciplined you can become with your thoughts, the more likely you'll be to challenge yourself to be better, to be more... to achieve your vision for your own life.

Live in the Moment Today - making memories - but don't be afraid to decide to change or to follow a different path if that different path is your True Calling.



Jennifer said...

I am once again speechless at how you seem to be speaking directly to me. I would swear that you are in my head. Keep up the good work. I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

So True, I really liked the thoughts but forth here Ang. Have I ever been stopped cold by a memory - absolutely. And I allowed that memory to be clouded with the pain of loss. I think I will consciously endeavour to not allow that to happen anymore.
Now for the memory that stopped me cold: I was watching the sun set a couple weeks ago on my deck, and it brought me back to when I was about 10 years old, watching the sun set, from a park on the St. Paul side of Minneapolis, just across the river with my Grandma Vivienne. She appreciated all of Gods gifts to us, big and small and taught me to as well :-)

Angela said...

Thanks so much for your comments ladies! It means a lot to me...

I love those grandma memories too. I was so close to mine that although it's been 3 years, I miss her every day still...

Anonymous said...

This also speaks directly to me! I myself have a hard time worrying about other people and their boxes when I think about making changes. I guess I have a tendency to put others' boxes first as a way of enabling myself to stay in one place. I'll work on everything mentioned here because it is all very wise and true. Thank you for sharing these very good thoughts.