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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Choice to Change

The one universal is that every single person has pain - some may feel it more than others or express it differently (or not) - but everyone has it.

Sometimes bad things actually DO happen to good people.

The way you cope with your pain will often determine so many things in your life from your confidence to your ability to laugh and love to things like your weight, your sleep, and whether or not you are a workaholic.

How do you cope? 

(and no, ignoring it is NOT a coping mechanism)

While it is incredibly important to Write Your Vision, it's equally important to Write Your Present.  You can't get to your future if you aren't honest about your NOW.  Think about who you are.  Think about what you do.  What behaviors do you foster in yourself?  Are you pushing yourself to BE more?

or are you holding back because of your pain? because of your fear?

Find the courage to face who you are NOW - good, bad, or otherwise...

EMBRACE the good! the beautiful! those wonderful things that make you who you are!

Next, make the Choice to Change those things that aren't positive, edifying, and fostering those behaviors that help you to become your Best Self.

Think about what you want for you.
Write those things down IN DETAIL.
Believe in your ability to achieve your dreams!
Now ACT accordingly!

Only you can stop you!  Make the choice.  Write your present then Write Your VISION!  ;)

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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kurt law of attraction said...

Writing your vision is basically one of the first steps in applying the law of attraction in our lives.
You have to start with thinking what you want to happen in your life. Law of attraction is known as conscious creation and you are the doer or the creator of your own life. You choose the path where you want to go or the path where your life should be going. It uses the power of the mind. Once you have a vision, you have to think that you are already enjoying that or that it is already achieved and you'll see that your life or actions are centered into making sure that this vision is achieved. You will be taking deliberate steps to achieve that.