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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wake Up Call

I welcomed 2013 with high expectations and a horrible cold and allergies that's lasted more than a month.  There's nothing quite like a dose of the slow dripping allergic equivalent of Chinese water torture followed by a single 9 hour night's sleep (finally) to bring life's reality into harsh perspective.

It's amazing the level of clarity you can get after having been sleep deprived for so long and then suddenly, blissfully the herbs and remedies kick in allowing sleep and recovery.

Today is that day.

I've awakened to a new reality and an awareness of how much I've drifted from my 'self.'  Despite having suffered some significant illnesses, loss of loved ones, and other heartbreak over the course of my life, I had always managed to bounce back and reclaim my heart which has been my guide.  But surprisingly the last almost two years has challenged me on many levels.

In my quest to get varying aspects of my personal and professional life on track with my Vision for them, I realize I willingly sacrificed my health and a part of my heart's healing.  I pushed my body well past its limits and forsaken much needed personal time for emotional healing all together.  I lost my self in my work mission.

So what's wrong with that?  Well, it's fine provided that it's an active verses a passive choice.

The truth is that while I recognized some aspects of this, I didn't fully comprehend that my actions were in fact CHOICES.

  • I allowed my work travel schedule to require weekly trips to multiple locations.
  • I allowed that same schedule to be so packed there was no room for things like meals or bathroom breaks.
  • I allowed other's needs to supersede my own... AND
  • I allowed my own voice to be silenced in nearly all my relationships -- self sacrificing ME in an effort to absorb others pain simply because I had the capacity and depth of love to do so.

All of which was unnecessary and a subtle yet damaging EGO trap.

Today, I've realized with absolute clarity the cost of those choices.  My wake-up call has been failing health.

What will it take for you?  What's your wake up call?

How many times in your day or week do you think you need to 'compromise?'
What are the words you repeat and allow that take you down a negative path?

Why is it that we teach ourselves to believe that we need to 'sacrifice?'

What is sacrifice?
Sacrifice has a negative connotation that often invokes a feeling of loss.  So are we truly called to 'sacrifice?'  I actually don't think so...

I believe we all need a mental reframing.
Is it really a sacrifice to exercise? to eat healthy, organic foods? to make time for our families or friends? to choose fruit vs. cheesecake?  :)  Are we really giving up anything??

We all make choices all day, every day.  What would happen if we saw our choices as gaining something verses losing something else?  What IF we choose to prioritize loving activities over "have to's"?

Is there a way to balance things that need to get done with things that make life joyful?

Yea, I think so... it's simply going to require a mental workout daily to ensure I'm choosing based on the guidance of my heart verses the chatter of my mind.

It's time to be AWARE.

(Note: I recommend watching this video on 'Introduction to Awareness' for a more in depth understanding of real awareness.  Thank you Mary!)

Time to recognize the chatter, those ego driven voices of "Should" and "Have to" and to see them again for what they are. I'm choosing today to get out of my mind and into my heart.  Where is my heart leading me today?

Hmm - off this computer and outside!!  =>

:) hope you'll ask yourself the same question and then act accordingly.

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Jeff Stewart said...

Nothing is as pure as words from the heart. Well said and thank you.