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Friday, March 9, 2012

Where do I/we go from here?

I find myself wondering this more than I care to admit.  It's the nagging tickler in my mind's eye that reminds me, nudges me, and provokes me to THINK and wonder.


Every life truly does have a story.  A purpose.  Is it any wonder then that our souls are driven to seek out that purpose and plan?  To fulfill the VISION even when aspects of it remain hidden to us... I've found that there is an intricate pattern woven by choice and tempered by challenges that seems, in hindsight, to be designed to keep us between the lines of our real destiny's path.  The fluidity of our lives slows or quickens proportionally with our willingness to recognize and learn, making decisions that move us forward toward that destiny.

Most days my vision for my life feels more like a demand requiring my attention and devotion, propelling me forward even when I try with all my might to slow it down.

My FEELINGS seem to have a mind of their own.  Hmmmm....sort of like this run-away train at times.  The power of the emotions blurring everything else.  Lately I feel as if I'm in one of two states:  either standing perfectly still with life whirling past me -- OR -- I'm moving at the speed of light while everything else moves at a glacial pace.  In both cases, it makes it incredibly difficult to LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

Can you live in the moment and yet focus on your vision or dream?  Aren't those two things inherently in opposition?

Yes and No.  How's that for clarity?

I believe that's the fun of life.  We are each 'called' to LIVE... and living is complicated no matter how simple we try to make it.  The key we are told is to have balance - allowing ourselves to stand still if we need to while still pushing ourselves to move forward and make changes that are uncomfortable to get us closer to our destiny... that nagging vision.

For anyone who has been through a tough time, you inevitably reach a point though when you ask yourself: "Where do I/we go from here?" because your personal balancing act resulted in a lot of broken plates that crashed when you could no longer spin all of them.

How do I reach my goal? my vision? my destiny?

This is how the "What IF" questions start because we are all SEEKING; trying to unravel the hidden road in front of us so that we can KNOW what steps to take.  Problem is that we often don't "know" and we must instead rely on faith and simply choose to take that first step, and then the next, and the next... even when it would be so much easier to back-track or stay put.

The thing is that even if you're in a season of stillness - you can't stay there.  Eventually we all have to move forward.  Life simply won't allow us to not move.  So the answer to the question really is: FORWARD.

Just remember, it's up to you whether or not you take baby steps or a giant leap.  Either way, it's your path and it's your destiny.  Choose for you because that's precisely what we are each called to do... and then trust that God will take care of the rest of the details.


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