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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Write Your Vision 101

This is my 101st blog post so it seemed fitting to consider going back to the basics.  A 101 class is your entry level, basic introduction to whatever the topic is.  So Write Your Vision 101 is about to begin:

Name:  Write Your Vision

Purpose:  To determine and subsequently achieve your dream(s) for your life.

Activities:  1) thinking 2) speaking 3) writing 4) believing 5) acting...

Lately I feel as if I have been through the ringer, put back through the spin cycle, and tossed in an old dryer spinning and hitting up against hot metal while I bake - all wrinkled.  I can't seem to get my footing.  So when faced with those types of life circumstances, I always go back to the basics.  The 101 version:

What do I believe?
What do I know?
What are my circumstances saying (to the contrary)?
What do I do now?
Is there something I'm supposed to be learning here?

Great questions, right?

Over the years I've taught myself how to fight for my beliefs, how to move on past heartbreaking grief, how to see past the present to the vision, and how / when to let go.  All were incredibly HARD lessons.  All took their toll on my soul and psyche.  All shaped my attitude and point of view.  The one thing I've learned more than anything else is that God does in fact have a plan.  I think we humans muck it up more often than not with our lust, ambition, greed, fear, and numerous other frailties that we listen to and choose consciously or not as we invoke our 'Free Will.'

Interestingly, in time - and time truly is grace in motion - we are often given signs that allow us to see the error of our ways and hopefully get back on track.  These signs can come in the form of people we love TELLING us we're off... friends, family, or complete strangers.  They can be messages we get from something we read or the lyrics of a song.  Messages can also be something as simple as a birthday wish from a 2 year old that reminds you of your heart's desire to be a parent/family... or tears through prayer when you realize the pain you've caused or that's being caused.

No matter what the message is or how it comes, we are given the opportunity to rebalance.  To choose - yet again - where we belong, what our present and therefore our future will be.
This could be THE moment.  Get out of your comfort zone...

If it is - breathe.

You are being given a gift.  No matter how unnerving the possibility may be - no matter what the message or how many changes it may bring, it is WORTH it. 

Y O U  are worth it.

1.) So keep breathing and THINK about those signs or messages.  What are they telling you?  It's probably something you already know or have known.  Now don't try to figure it all out - that's how doubt creeps in!  Nope - just be sure you understand the vision.  Understand the details of your dream...

2) Next, start SPEAKING out loud what you think you know.  Say what you want.  Hear yourself giving voice to your thought... your dream.

3) Now that you're clear, WRITE down what you spoke verbatim.  Write it in detail - follow each thought through down to the color of the walls in your new home, the type of floor, where the wall sockets will be.  Imagine your dream in to the level of detail you would if you were designing your own home.

4) Once you have your dream written down... you've spoken it and thought it through.  BELIEVE it's totally possible!  You have to choose to believe that what you dream, what you want IS possible.  Your desire is the confirmation particularly if it's not a selfish one.
5) ACT accordingly.  Make the decisions that move you forward toward your dream.  Don't sit back and wait for something to happen.  You have to get out of the boat to walk on water (Matt 14:22-33).

And yea, you might sink half way there and need help BUT you get to WALK on water back to the boat once you get pulled out...

Our dreams are worth the effort to think about them, to speak and believe in them... to take the time to write them and to act on them.  Don't allow them to be stolen, destroyed, or killed.

When the circumstances blow in or the dryer spins incessantly, hold fast to what you believe - to what you know.  Have FAITH in the possibility.  Your vision can become reality.  Trust your heart.  Activate your mind.  Speak your truth.   Then stand back and watch what God will do...


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