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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Step 3. Recognize the Answer

So far you've challenged yourself to find quiet time (breathing) and ask one simple but direct question:  What do you want?

Step 3 is Recognizing the ANSWER!


Recognizing the Answer means allowing that first thought to JUST BE...  it means hearing your first thought... it means accepting your first thought.

So the exercise should go something like this:
  1. breathe in, breathe out (@90 seconds minimal) = clear the clutter, no questions, no thoughts, just breathing [Note/Tip: It's easiest for me to do this in the shower in the morning and just let the water fall over my head.  I focus on my breathing and the feel of the water]
  2. Once you've relaxed into that breathing -- however long it takes -- now ask the Question:  What do you want?
  3. Now, what's the FIRST THOUGHT that pops into your head??
And I literally mean the first thought!

It could be something simple like:  peace.

But then peace becomes 'peace at work' or 'peace at home' then more specifically 'peace with my Mom' or 'peace with my son' or 'peace with my coworker...'

It could be something like:  time.

That could be 'time off' or 'time with family' or 'time to complete something like a project...'

The key here is to HEAR whatever that FIRST WORD or phrase actually IS!

Why does this matter?

It matters because whatever that first word or phrase is - is the beginning of you listening to yourself.  LISTENING to your heart.  LISTENING for your voice.  LISTENING.

This may sound simple but simple does not mean it's EASY.  This takes practice.  Practice NOT skill.  It takes practice to create the space to allow yourself to tune in to your own heart's channel.

TRY IT! and I hope you'll let me know what you hear...


Anonymous said...

I got the word "silence". Perhaps that's the reason I didn't get an answer before, because my answer is silence.

What should I exactly do? Stop talking? Start meditating?

What do you think?


Angela said...

If you got the word 'silence' then maybe you're just supposed to be quiet and keep listening for a while. :) It's possible that you just need to create some space for yourself.

Do you talk a lot normally? or have a barrage of thoughts running through your mind?

In any event, you mind is trying to tell you something you need.