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Saturday, July 10, 2010

When Change Comes...

In this past month I've changed homes, location, and jobs.  THAT is a LOT of change.  As wonderful as my present now IS, I'm still in transition in a temporary home and that too has made me stop and think.  I've been working so hard to get HERE and am so happy to have made it this far but sitting today staring out at the Big Texas Sky, I'd have to admit there's a small part of me that is sad.

Have you ever been on the verge of having almost everything you could have hoped for and then stopped momentarily to reflect on how you got there?  ...and when you did felt a flood of unexpected emotions?

Yep, that's where I am today.

Where are you?
  • Are you in a place where you're about to get a promotion and a little scared about the new responsibility?
  • or maybe about to have a baby which is so exciting and yet frightening and suddenly you feel sad perhaps mourning your 'single' carefree life a little?
  • How about when you watch a friend get married where you're so happy for them and yet you feel a twinge because your relationship is going to change?
Perhaps it's nothing that dramatic - maybe it's watching your child play her first tee ball game or your son is about to go on his first (non-driving) date...

As happy as we are for these blessed moments in our lives, there's power in change that also brings with it the reality that there's often something you are letting go.

It's this tapestry of emotion that can stop us in our tracks or bring a tear when we least expect it... even when we are absolutely, fundamentally joyful at our core about the new event.  The thing to embrace here is THE MOMENT.  When you are feeling all this, you are LIVING!  You are precisely where you should be.  This IS your path.  Savor your present!  Face the wind... and allow yourself to sail into it.

And when you can, write that down.  Those moments can often reveal and inform your Vision for your future when you dare to allow the cascade to descend over your heart.  They can tell you what you TRULY want, what's really inside.

When Change Comes, don't be afraid to FEEL!  You'll find these are the very times that confirm you are on your path to your destiny.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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