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Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 The Power of ONE


One - Prime Number.  It can be a noun, pronoun, an adjective or an idiom.  It can mean 'single' or 'individual' 'unique' 'first' 'a state of agreement' and 'UNITY.'

Like each snowflake is whole and never replicated, each of us represents 'ONE.'  You are ONE.  Together your family (unit) or church/school/neighborhood community is ONE.  Spiritually, we are all called to be ONE with our Creator...

There is something incredibly special and powerful about 'being' ONE... we were each given a light and a purpose.  Every soul has an independent, individual, beautiful SPARK that only that ONE soul has to give or contribute. 

A gift. 
A talent. 
A dream.

Today as we close our eyes on this FIRST DAY, challenge yourself to let your mind wander into your heart - your soul - to search there until you FIND your SPARK.  The ONE unique, amazing, beautiful, powerful, emotional thing that is YOU! 

THINK about your gift... your talent.

WRITE down what it is so you can see it, read it, look at it.

BELIEVE that you ARE a gift and that you were given something that only you can release to the world - your world.

Know that this is the Power of One - your Power... and that this year is YOUR year!  This is the Primary year to ACT on your dreams!

Ignite your Spark! 

Every great moment, event, or movement begins with ONE person.  Begin your journey today!  The beauty of ONE is that though it's 'individual,' when you reveal and release what makes you uniquely you, choosing to fight any fear or negative that may try to steal it, you are giving back to the WHOLE that makes us all One...

Make this year the year you realize your dream.
Dare to be YOU! 

Note:  If you get the opportunity to watch the "Making of Katy Perry's FIREWORK video" on Palladia -- do!  It is amazing what she did and how she pulled teenagers from all over Europe together to experience something special...

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