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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vision Alternatives?

Is it possible to have Vision Alternatives?  What are they?  Well, it's your back-up plan... the things you tell yourself you'll do if your REAL dream doesn't happen.  Plan B.


As a general rule, I almost always have a "Plan B."  I'm a planner after all.  I like lists.  I write a blog about writing things down... I prefer to be prepared; not crazy about surprises; and spend my work days always anticipating (the next step, next trend, next request) - so you'd think a Plan B makes sense.  Right?


For most daily life things - most definitely.  Contingencies are key... but NOT when it comes to your dreams.

Yep, let me repeat that one:  There's no such thing as a Vision Alternative.

There may be fear tickling your mind because there's something you want so badly, you're almost afraid to hope for it.  Conversely, if you haven't taken the time to go through the exercise of THINKING and WRITING down your thoughts about your dreams - you may simply still be unsure so you're choosing to "keep your options open, in case...!" and "let the universe guide you."  ;)

The Truth is though - when it comes to your dreams / your actual vision for your life - there's only One.

Now, I'm not talking about learning and growing or experiences that influence a change in your life's dream.  No, what I'm talking about here is the notion of a back-up plan... and it's THAT idea that I find to be fundamentally counter-productive and flawed.

Your dream is your dream.  It's what you want.  Your heart's desire.  The one concept or person, etc. that makes your eyes light up and your heart sing...

There's no back-up plan for that, whatever THAT is.  So why try?  Well, we're taught not to dream by hardships we face, circumstances that errupt, things we can't explain that go wrong... We think we'll look foolish if we put our heart on the line and speak our truth -- because GOOD GRIEF what will people think if/when that dream doesn't happen!  How will we rationalize that?

I believe if we spent even half the energy we put into rationalizing a back-up plan and worrying about all the negatives that could happen or the things we already perceive to be in our way, etc. into JUST BELIEVING... 

"Faith as a grain of a mustard seed... (but here's the kicker:) AND DO NOT DOUBT,
you can say to ANY mountain - MOVE!" [Matt 17:20].

Imagine the Possibilities!!

Radical thinking.

So remember, fear is a dream killer.  Don't give it that power.  You don't need a back-up plan for your vision.

You just gotta want it!  Dare to believe in it! 
and REFUSE to settle for anything less.

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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