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Monday, February 22, 2010

I Hope You Dance!

We all have people in our lives who have truly embedded the best parts of themselves into our souls.  They are the ones who make such an imprint that we not only hear their words or their voice in our minds, they are present with us - even when they're not.

For some it's a parent, maybe a grandparent.
For others it may be your child or a sibling.
Still others it may be a professor, a boss, and yes - an old love.
(or a current one!!)

As I think about my future, I am drawn to those things so intrinsically tied from my past:  the mistakes, the failures, and of course - most importantly, the loves and the things that brought me joy.  These have all shaped who and what I am today. 

How I believe. 
How I live. 
How I love.

And what I want for my life - my vision for my future.  My dream is central for my life... being further refined every day.

One thing I've learned is that on the journey toward becoming, one of the fundamentals for getting there is to honor what you love.

So, take the time to THINK about who or what you love and make one choice today to honor them. 

This may mean simply making a phone call today to tell them what they mean... or if you can't do that, consider WRITING them a note - even if you can't deliver it.  If you've lost someone you love, remember them and embrace one thing about them that made you smile to carry their memory forward.  In that way, you can savor the memory without being overwhelmed by the hurt or the loss.

The thing about the past is that you can get lost in it. 
We have to each remind ourselves to live NOW!

Honor the people.  Honor the memories.  Learn what you need by embracing the lessons.
But Let Go of yesterday.

Write your Vision for the future you want - including how and who you want to be.  As we think of those who have left us, SMILE.  Even if it hurts.

Tomorrow is my grandfather's birthday:  Papaw, thanks for reminding me to DANCE!

As for me, I pray I am as blessed to walk this journey with the love of my life -
laughing and dancing as you did.

       THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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