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Monday, March 24, 2014

Recalibration: I want a GREAT life!

I have had an incredible amount of change in the past few months.  This is definitely the year of the horse... my year of Jubilee! and simply my recalibration year.

I like that word.

I had known for a while that my life was getting away from me.  Somewhere amidst the weekly travel to parts unknown on a mission to regurgitate to all who would listen how great my employer was, I lost "me."  I got so busy putting the 'health of my organization' before my own seeking approval from potential clients that I couldn't see my own jeopardy.  I kept reassigning an 'end date' in my mind, invoking my favorite catch-phrase of "AS SOON AS..." to keep me going.  Constantly pushing, influencing, teaching, catching, organizing, talking, testing:  Plane to rental car to hotel to meeting to car to hotel to airport.  Rinse, repeat.

I was so zoned into my pattern that even when I was walking to get a sandwich before a flight and was hit by car (teenager texting and driving in a parking lot)... I didn't stop.  I kept going.  I slowed down for a day or two, but didn't stop.  I couldn't see the warning signs of system shut-down that were inevitably coming.

But God, with His infinite wisdom and humor, was determined to not only get my attention but to point me in a new direction.  Time to recalibrate.

Funny thing about God is that, He will knock.  He will absolutely speak in that still small voice.  However for those of us with thick heads and impaired vision, He may just invoke the use of a rather large wall to block your path on all sides and down... to force you to look up.  Blink.  And see the light...


Then His voice goes something like this:  "Child, I want you to devote that talent and endless energy for MY purposes.  So, I've stopped you.  Picked you up and pointed you in the direction of the path I have for you.  It's your choice, however, to WALK down it or not."

My Response:  "Ohhhhhh, hi Lord.  Wait.  What?!?  What new path?  I was on the wrong path?  Uh, ok.  Well, what do You want me to do then?"

His Response:  "Rest now."

My Response:  "Rest?  I don't have time to do that..."  LOL - tip:  Don't ever tell the Almighty that you don't have time for something because He will open up Heaven and clear a path for you to have exactly that.

He gave me time to rest.  Time to recalibrate.  Time to listen.

It's definitely NOT how I would've done it but His way was certainly quicker and He took what was a bad situation and turned it around for His and my greater good.  Taaaaa Daaaaa!  Next, He sold my house in less than 48 hours and moved my brother's heart to invite me in to stay for a while.  My job and I have divorced one another... and now I've spent the last month or so going to doctor, dentist, and other wellness appointments to gain my health back.

He's preparing me for something GREAT!   I can feel it...

Interestingly enough though, I have no idea what IT is.  I have an inkling on the tip of my brain but it's not yet in focus.  At this point, I've learned enough to know that He will show me when He's good and ready to show me... so no point squinting to try to see it.  I'm better off just working through NOW and waiting on Him.  (Lesson Learned).

Right now, He's parted my Red Sea and I'm walking.  I'm outside of Egypt, not yet to the Promised Land.  I can look all around me and see the wonders of the sea life surrounding me, awestruck by the incredible journey I'm on and awesome Power of God.

Through all this, I've been reminded of my past and my present as I look toward my future.  In that, I reaffirmed that I WANT A GREAT LIFE!  Not just a mediocre one in ANY area of my life.  I want GREAT Health.  I want a GREAT Marriage.  I want a GREAT career that is mission-driven by Him.  I want a GREAT Home... and GREAT relationships with those I love.

I want it ALL.  And that means shedding anyone or anything that does not value me for me... because we all know that to grab onto a new life, you have to release the old one!

Today, I am richly blessed and so humbled to see God moving in my life in such a profound way.  He really is AWESOME!  His grace is definitely sufficient for me.

Whatever you are facing, ask yourself:  Is this wall I'm trying to scale or knock down really an obstacle to be overcome?  OR was it deliberately put there to force you to LOOK UP?  A tool to make you stop so you can recalibrate. 

You tell me.    ;)


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