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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom
Throughout a person's life there are people who come and go that touch our hearts, that hurt us, that shape us, love us, and so on... but there is no greater single person in any lifetime that can help HEAL us like a mother.

Most mothers have an infinite capacity to love their children in a way unlike anything or anyone else.  It's a depth of feeling so immeasurable that there really aren't words to describe it.  It's often this depth and the longing for that closeness that makes us all come running back to MOM.  I truly believe that the closest thing to Christ-like, unselfish love is demonstrated by moms...

It is this tremendous influence that mothers have on us because of their love and support that either make us whole or if we are lacking it, can break us apart resulting in dysfunctional families, need for therapy, etc. because a "good Mom" instills courage, independence, thoughtfulness, compassion, grace, and of course our own ability to love and be loved.

MY Mom is more than a "good Mom" - she's one of the greatest people I know.  
She is faithful to fault, loves her kids and grandkids with a fierceness unlike anything I've ever seen, and truly does her best to live by the Golden Rule every single day.  No matter what happens in my life, my Mom is quite literally ALWAYS there.

I am who I am in many respects because of her unending love for me...

She gets the greatest JOY from simply being in the presence of her kids and grandkids.  A text.  A call... or better yet a little FaceTime - literally or virtually makes her day.  Her whole face lights up when my brothers or I remember her.  She is the person we call when things go badly and one of the people we call when things go well.  No matter what, she is THERE.  We depend on that fact whether we admit it most days or not... She loves us and supports us however best she can.  And it's THAT willingness to be what we need that makes her so incredibly special.

I have never once doubted my Mom's love for me.  In fact, many times through smiles and tears, she's hugged me tightly and told me "you're my heart.  I love you."  The power of those WORDS and the emotion behind them is indescribable.  :)

MY Mom is a teacher.  Growing up she took the time to instill in me a love of reading, romance, and history.  She shared her passion, her convictions, and the need to continually LEARN.

MY Mom is a friend.  If you've met her, you know.  She goes out of her way to make you feel important.  She listens.  She encourages.  She prays.

MY Mom is devoted to her family.

I wish everyone could have a Mom like mine.  If you DO then celebrate her today.  Call her up just to say "hi Mom" and let her know what she means to you.  You are blessed beyond measure.  If you are a Mom, then learn from mine because she's the best example I know.  If you're missing your Mom then do something today in memory of her that would make her smile.

I'm so thankful for you, today and always.



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