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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trying Times

I'm always amazed at how quickly elation can turn to frustration when things get complicated.  We often witness the unbelievable and count our blessings thanking God for bringing us through trials ranging from a trip to the emergency room and a dying dog to a parking space close to the door in record heatwaves...

Yet, the very next seemingly negative event or circumstance puts us in turmoil... no matter how trivial.

Human beings are funny that way.  We epitomize "what have you done for me lately?" through our incredible short term memory.  We also often fail to grant the grace we are given in our circumstance to others...  I imagine God in heaven must shake his head at us frequently.

So often we can't see past our "now" to even conceive of our potential future or the impact of our current actions on that future. I call these 'heavy sigh' moments. We allow the trying times we face to dictate our state of mind and subsequently our state of belief.

The result:  A lack of VISION

Isn't it funny how we can be given EXACTLY what we requested, prayed for, meditated on, or believed could be to then turn around and only see a new set of circumstances to derail us rather than seeing how much closer we are to our dream?

Why is that??
Well, there's the good vs. evil belief; karma principles; yin-yang; etc etc etc.  Pick your negative poison.  I think it's any number of things but regardless, I believe it comes back to a lack of vision. 

We fail to see the forrest for the trees... we have blinders on!

Next time you come through an incredibly traumatic time and receive our grace and victory, take a moment to WRITE DOWN your joy, your excitement and how grateful you are to have been brought through safely or given what you wanted.  Do that for yourself so when you face your next problem you see it for what it is:

A circumstance.  A challenge.  A step closer to your GOAL...

When things get complicated - as surely they will - REMEMBER where you've been so you can have FAITH in where you're going.

Your ability to achieve your VISION is decided by the myriad of choices you make today.  See past the circumstances of now to where you want to be - and then refuse to settle for anything less than your dream... one circumstance at a time.

Whatever you are facing today - no matter how big or how insignificant the issue - consider how 'big' that is in comparison to your dream!  You can have your hearts desire if you believe you can. 
Embrace your Vision!
Choose to see it rather than the circumstances.  ;)

You might be surprised at how close you already are!


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