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Monday, December 27, 2010

Shifting Gears

Now that Christmas has passed, the inevitable task of facing forward starts... For me, Christmas is about celebrating, creating memories and of course, remembering.

With all the presents put in their respective new homes in toy chests, jewelry boxes, and closets, we take down the ornaments and wreaths and tree for another year.  Once the tasks are complete, we all begin shifting gears to stare down the New Year.

The New Year - wow.  Another one.  Then the questions start:
  • What's this year going to be like?  
  • What am I going to learn?  
  • What am I going to impact?  
  • What am I going to change?

I began my day today by meeting my trainer for a surprise trek she'd mapped out through a canyon.  It was up a steep hill, then through leaf covered twigs and limestone rocks -- down and up, zig zagging, sprinting, jogging, hopping across a stream, then walking to recover only to come face to face with a little lake and a wooden dock where I was to do sit-ups, planks and mountain climbers.  This of course was followed by more running, jumping up to hit tree branches along the way, tricep dips on a bench, and last the hike straight up the rock hill to the car.  I've gotten used to something different every time with Erinn but this was the most fun.  I do love being outside verses in a stuffy, sweat-filled gym!

I survived another day with her.  (That's my only goal these days...)

Mentally at times I'd think she was going to kill me as my heart races wildly trying to understand this new routine called exercise.  I said that to her out loud one day and she just smiled and said,

"No, I'm not gonna kill you - we're going to CHANGE you."

...we're going to CHANGE you...

Suffice it to say, those few words have STUCK with me.

The thing about shifting gears after the holiday is that we are all mentally and physically preparing ourselves for the next phase... the next change.  We write our New Year's Resolutions outlining our goals.

Note:  Hmmm - wonder why we write them??  (Food for Thought)

Yea, okay, I know I have a one-track mind.  The point is that we make new mental notes and try to reframe what and sometimes who we are.  It's the time of year when we ALL think about what we WANT.

What do you WANT?

I know many have the usual lists saying they want to lose weight, spend more time with family, balance work with an actual life, maybe get a raise, start a business, plan a vacation, etc. etc. etc.

The thing to consider though are the DETAILS - the SPECIFICS about HOW and WHAT you actually truly want.  Not generalities.  If you're speaking or thinking in ambiguity, you'll never reach whatever goal you think you have.  [See Post:  Being Specific, part 1-2]

So DO shift gears - but challenge yourself to change at least one thing - and write down what that is!  Write down your vision for yourself specifically.  If it is to lose weight, say how much and by when; then outline your meal and exercise plan that is realistic for you, join a group or get a trainer - make the choice to set yourself up to be successful.  If it is to spend more time with your family, decide to get to work earlier so you can leave by four or five -- set your boundaries, make a plan, tell your spouse so s/he can hold you accountable.

Again, be specific!  Think about the details and WRITE them down...

At times, you may feel like the choices you've made that step you forward toward your Vision will kill you -- but the Truth is that it's not going to kill you, it's going to CHANGE you.

And THAT will be a beautiful thing!

Are you READY?

(Cue Rocky theme song for inspiration!)


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