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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deer Corn

Life is full of interesting quirks.  I've been watching the deer families outside.  They come hang out throughout the day.  Sometimes they bring their friends so before long there's a deer convention gathered.  Soon they're joined by some squirrels too; and all sorts of birds.

Day after day.

At first I thought it was a fluke and wow, how cool!  Then I started paying closer attention.  To see what they were up to and low and behold, upon further inspection the entire clan was there for a snack.  Some folks up the road came through day after day to throw down a bucket full of deer cornDeer get happy.  Squirrels seem happy.  Birds chirp.  People smile.

One problem.

Wild animals think they have a new, free-flowing food source (see gold flecks).  UH OH...  Man, if you give a little, won't they expect it??

Sure enough, the past few days the buckets have stopped... but our deer friends keep coming.  They keep searching.  Keep hoping...looking.

Ever been given a simple gift and then another... and maybe even another and then have it stop?

We've all experienced that.  How did you feel?

Think about first dates.  You're new in a relationship.  You take pictures, you buy cards, leave notes, pick up dinner just because...  You're new on the job.  You come in early, make labels for your folders, are full of ideas, try new restaurants at lunch...  Or maybe you volunteer one afternoon at a shelter and then again the following weekend... you're the one tossing out the deer corn!  Or maybe you're on the receiving end getting jewelry, clothes, steak dinner with dessert.  ;)

Then what?  Somewhere along the way, the deer corn stops... right?

Here's the thing:
It's okay.  It's okay when the deer corn stops coming or when you stop tossing it... enjoy it while you have it.  Enjoy it while you give it.  It's a simple, special thing.  Savor those moments.  Those yummy, crunchy morsels. 

Don't be afraid to give for fear of the expectations that sometimes accompany the gift.

That said, keep in mind not every day can be pre-arranged with deer corn just for you.  And sometimes, you just don't have a bucket handy.  So don't beat yourself up - or your partner/spouse - if there's no deer corn for a while.  If it was there EVERY day, would it really be a special? 


Okay, the moral of the story is:  every once in a while, a little deer corn doesn't hurt (no matter what your circumstances); and when you DO remember - grab a bucket! 

You might just change your world, even if it is just for one day.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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