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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Voice of Your Dream

I love music. 

The lyrics and melody of a song can eloquently capture so much, telling a story, relaying an emotion from love to heartbreak, triumph, failure... and everything in between.  I can't sing but I act like a rock star in my car and the shower most days.  It's my safe space.  Being home alone is another bonus because you can have a Risky Business solo anytime you want!

I haven't felt too great lately suffering from infections, bronchitus, fatigue - you name it.  So today was the first day I didn't cough myself silly AND (happy dance) it was SUNNY outside!  What did I do?  I blared my iTunes in my car and SANG!

Most people relate to music that speaks directly to them about where they are in their life.  For example, my parents LOVE 60s songs because it reminds them of their wild days in and after college.  It's amazing how they can actually ROCK OUT when The Temptations, Four Tops, or Smokey come on.  For me, I go through phases but I can honestly say music grounds me.  Sometimes it's spirtual, sometimes it's a ballad or a rap song and sometimes it's rock.  In all cases, I can get lost in the music...

I mentioned I started playing the guitar last year.  It was one of those things I wrote down (hint).  I find that I listen less to the words of a song now at times and more to the melodies or the acoustic guitar solos which is new.  It's a different perspective... and in all areas of my life, I do love learning a new perspective, whatever it is.

Today, I realized as I was singing that despite recent setbacks and days when I felt NOTHING at all was moving me forward toward my dreams, that I was merely in the bridge of my life's song.  The chorus is coming soon and the verse I'd been waiting for was just around the corner...

It brought me back to the power of the lyrics and the melodies.  These are the words and notes or chords that were WRITTEN down so they could be replayed.  Your Dream Journal should be like your favorite song -- allowing you to sing out the tune that is your Vision for your life:

It will inspire you. 
Remind you.
Transform you.
and empower you (and others) to BELIEVE!

...for the same reason that learning the actual words to your favorite song is important, so is learning (writing down) the words for your Vision.  It's the Voice of your Dream.

Don't be a Singing Bee contestant in your own life!  ;)  Take the time to write down the intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, (collision) chorus, acoustic guitar (instrumental) solo, outro and of course, the ad lib elements for your life's vision.  You are the only one who knows the melody of your song...

Once you Write It Down, don't forget to SING!!!!

Oh yea, one more thing:
The great thing about music is that others can join in and sing along too...  That said, Thanks to My Soulmate for BELIEVING in me and reminding me of the power of that simple faith.

     THINK.       WRITE.       BELIEVE.       ACT.

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